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Download-Adina System 8.5 - Finite Element Analysis Software

Download-Adina System 8.5 - Finite Element Analysis Software

ADINA software ADINA U.S. company's products, and is the only product technology is based on the finite elementanalysis of large general-purpose simulation platform. The company's founder and one of the leaders in software, is Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor KJBathe, he is also a finite element sector scientists.

Adina Only the whole system more than 200 M, but it contains a complete before and after the processor and solver and the solver function of range from the basic structure of analysis to solid-fluid interaction analysis, it is inconceivable that people think.

Contains the following modules:

ADINA-AUI (before and after the processing module)
ADINA-F (fluid analysis module)
ADINA (Structural Analysis Module)
ADINA-FSI (fluid-solid coupling analysis module)
ADINA-T (thermal analysis module)
ADINA-TMC (thermal structure coupling analysis module)
ADINA-TRANSOR (and dedicated CAD system interface), such as Pro / Eengineer, I-DEAS, AutoCAD / MDT, PATRAN

ADINA has a wide range of simulation capabilities in mechanical, automotive, material processing, aviation, aerospace, civil, electrica

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Download-Adina System 8.5 - Finite Element Analysis Software
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