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Symantec Norton Ghost 15 Boot CD ISO

Symantec Norton Ghost 15 Boot CD ISO

[CENTER]Symantec Norton Ghost 15 Multi and English Boot CD ISO

Norton Ghost includes advanced capabilities and backup and restore for personal computers. You can create an exact copy of hard drive (reboot the computer with no need), including its transfer to another hard drive, with Norton Ghost supports the transfer of not only the operating system, but installing a separate application. Supported by a rapid recovery planning, automatic backup, copy the backup data on CD, DVD, network drives and external USB devices or FireWire, creating a rescue disk for rapid restoration of a system failure and much more. This is the iso file you need to make a custom recovery cd for/with Norton ghost 15.
How to:
Then when Norton ghost Asks you to point where "Symantic recovery Disk Media" is.
You point it to the virtuall cdrom that you have mounted this with to.

norton ghost 15 Boot Cd

Symantec Norton Ghost

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Symantec Norton Ghost 15 Multilanguage & English Boot CD ISO

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