اروع اكشنات الفوتوشوب Premium FX Action Collection

Photoshop Styles, Action and brushes

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    مجموعة تتكون من 180 اكشن بريميوم للفوتوشوب

    Premium FX Action Collection

    An Amazing Premium FX Collection with more than 180 professional Photoshop actions – non destructive effects perfect for photographers and graphic designers.

    Every action is divided in layers so you can modify every effect without touching the original image

    This is a powerful complete Collection that will give a new look to your images


    Easy to use

    1 file .PAT

    12 Actions Set .ATN

    Over 180 FX

    Merge Layer Action

    Organized layers

    One click… few seconds…and magic

    Detailed Instruction File

    حجم الملف 88MB

    الرابط مباشر للاعضاء فقط


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