برنامج Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88

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    Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88

    MineScape is a suite of integrated solutions for coal and metalliferous deposits open-cut and underground mining operation. It delivers extensive geologic modeling and mine-design functionality.

    By automating mine planning and geologic modeling, MineScape provides:

    Integrated information flows between all mining activities.

    Optimal efficiency in mine planning operations.

    Streamlined engineering processes.

    Improved productivity.

    Lower mining costs through smarter use of technology and information management systems.

    Increased profit potential.

    All MineScape products are fully integrated and provide multi-user access to a single data source in a network environment. Each plug-in performs a specific range of data processing and mine planning functions. Exceptionally easy to use, MineScape features a comprehensive range of specialist plug-ins which address the following:

    Geological Database and Geostatistics.

    Geologic Modeling Stratigraphic and block modeling.

    Pit Optimization Defining economic pit limits.

    Mine Design Surface and Underground.

    Mine Scheduling.

    Mapping, plotting and visualization.