كورس لتعليم اللغة الانجليزية Top Notch English Course

Learning Foreign Languages, Courses and Ebooks

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    كورس شامل وكبير لتعليم اللغة الانجليزية - كتب و ملفات صوتية و فيديوهات ويشمل على كتب المعلمين وكتب الطلاب وكتب العمل والاختبارات واسطوانات منوعة والكثير جدا

    Top Notch English Course

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    Book Top Notch in 2006 as the best method of education was the publisher Longman. The book consists of 10 volumes in the series are. In accordance with the contents of each unit film as it also provided the students a Mac to a multimedia language learning is to watch the videos will be interested in learning more interesting. Interestingly, in the film there is the street interviews that students at every level with the accent and diction natural and true citizens of the English language. As well as students whose native language is another language with dialects of American citizens who are also familiar with all the people in the real world can speak well and they understand the material. TOP NOTCH content expressed in new ways and systems based on the real presence in natural and built. Watch videos related to each unit that is especially appealing to the power of this method is increased and therefore it can be one of the best multimedia teaching system, he said. Reinforcing grammar and vocabulary are part of the book is interesting.

    Students to progress as quickly as possible and increase the efficiency of class in addition to the Book of Top Notch for 4 persons, language skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading) individually on these skills with e- learning related work will be, will become.

    If you want to learn English, you have no doubt this collection can be your best option for learning.

    It includes the following contents:


    The PDF file of the book the student (Student’s book) and Workbook (Work Book)

    The student book consists of two parts for booster grammar and pronunciation in the book and an audio CD at home (Take-Home) is to practice pronunciation at home or outside the home. The book Work Book a Mac will be able to pay training curriculum.

    o- PDF file editing books for teachers (Teacher’s Book)

    o- PDF file puzzle book and play are (Copy & Go Book)

    o- PDF files Curriculum for Teachers

    Editing books for teachers and curriculum development, curriculum gives teachers complete for each available class session. For each activity a specific teaching time suggested the guesswork out of the program. Between each version of the manual for teachers and curriculum is a teacher resource CD.Optional printable areas below to personalize teaching in this CD are


    o- Improve strategies French

    o- Strategies discussion

    o- Strategies listen

    o- Reading strategies

    o- Self grammar

    o- Motivators conversation

    o- Additional practice writing skills

    o- Practicing pronunciation

    o- Mhasbhknndh Speed ​​Reading

    o- Additional exercises comprehension

    o- Organizers graphics of

    Hey, audio and video files of songs

    Top Notch is set just a collection of songs to teach English language is used. In this collection of image files included that material for musical education and instrumental music files are also provided to students after listening to the song practice. In addition, a book and PDF file separate educational tracks in this collection have been placed.

    Videos Top Notch Top Notch English language learning books

    Top Notch TV situation comedy is a collection of English language books with lessons tailored Top Notch offers. The film features interviews with people about various issues related to the book’s lessons is Top Notch.

    software training called Top Notch Top Notch-CDROM

    Each includes a software courses Top Notch Interactive is quite diverse in its curriculum and training included.

    Full grade audio program

    Class audio program contains the listening comprehension exercises, rhythm and intonation and pronunciation targeted the most accurate and understandable focus on pronunciation. The Top Notch is a training system for international communications, various native and non-native speakers in the training have been used to prepare students for the world outside of class.

    Content List

    Top Notch Fundamentals

    Fundamentals Audio

    Fundamentals Books (Student Book, Work Book, Copy and Go, Teacher Book, Teacher’s Resource)

    Fundamentals CD-ROM

    Fundamentals Video

    Top Notch Songs

    Top Notch 1

    Top Notch 1 Audio

    Top Notch 1 Books (Student Book, Work Book, Copy and Go, Teacher Book, Teacher’s Resource)

    Top Notch 1 CD-ROM

    Top Notch 1 Video

    3-Top Notch 2

    Top Notch 2 Audio

    Top Notch 2 Books (Student Book, Work Book, Teacher Book, Teacher’s Resource)

    Top Notch 2 CD-ROM

    Top Notch 2 Video

    Top Notch 3

    Top Notch 3 Audio

    Top Notch 3 Books (Student Book, Work Book, Copy and Go, Teacher Book, Teacher’s Resource)

    Top Notch 3 CD-ROM

    Top Notch 3 Video

    Summit 1

    Summit 1 Audio

    Summit 1 Books (Student Book, Work Book, Teacher’s Resource)

    Summit 1 Video

    Summit 1 CD-ROM

    Summit 2

    Summit 2 Audio

    Summit 2 Books (Student Book, Teacher’s Resource)

    Summit 2 Video


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