3d-kstudio Project Manager v.3.10.32 for 3ds Max 2014 – 2021

3Ds Max, Sketchup, C4D, Maya, ZBrush and SolidWorks Plugins

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  • 3d-kstudio Project Manager v.3.10.32 for 3ds Max 2014 – 2021

    3d-kstudio Project Manager v.3.10.32 for 3ds Max 2014 – 2021

    – Move Favorites to separate panel
    – Now Favorites can contain any type of assets including materials
    – Material libraries can be stored in virtual directories such as Catalogs and Favorites
    – Customer can hide directories from tree-view by a full path, by name or mask using the symbol “*”
    – Ability to select multiple directories *
    – Ability to specify the Color for folders
    – Auto-update opened directory when changing files outside Project Manager.
    – Interactive synchronization of the folder tree when working in team mode.
    – Ability to link files with each other (just drag and drop file(s) onto an item **)
    – Ability to set your own previews to the items (drag the preview onto an item and set it as first in the gallery ***)
    – Drag&Drop items to 3ds Max directly from Gallery
    – Ability to link multiple different files with materials
    – Ability to store materials in the favorites
    – Supports to comments
    Batch Rendering
    – Setup multiple custom studios for rendering 3d models and material libraries
    – Rendered images are automatically added to Gallery.
    Status bar
    – Display additional information about a selected file in the status bar
    – Now you can open the asset management form for max files and material libraries directly from the status bar
    – Ability to delete the file from the categories directly from the status bar
    – Customers can specify a path to Proxy. He can be full or relative. (see Preferences dialog )
    – Files that are converted to Proxy now automatically linked to a source file and added to his gallery
    – ArchVision RPC animation preview
    – Play animation preview for video files
    – Ability to store file-type filters for directories in the “Textures” category
    – “HDRI” category moved to the “Textures” category
    – Ability to view any kind of asset in a separate window ( Find related option in the menu or use the hotkey SPACEBAR )
    – Ability to mass-rename files and external links on the Asset Files tab. ( menu Tools => Mass Rename Tool )
    – User comments to files are now stored in the database (and also in the files themselves, that supports to store comments )
    – Address box with advanced navigation capabilities like Windows Explorer

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