Interactive Petrophysics 2018 v4.5.5 (update 2019)

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  • Interactive Petrophysics 2018 v4.5.5 (update 2019)

    IP is a fast, scalable software solution for Geoscientists tasked with maximising the value of subsurface data. Using IP this analysis can be done with an interactive interface, which enhances efficiency and productivity for Geoscientists. IP is a mathematically-robust software for Geoscientists seeking a stable, powerful interface that enables them to customise workflows to their needs. Its interactive parameters enable fast analysis and interpretation for geological and petrophysical decisions. User proficiency is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and giving your team the latest skills that they need to make expert analysis of their wellbore data. Using IP provides you and your team seamlessly integrated workflows across subsurface disciplines and supports improved reservoir performance throughout the entire assets’ lifecycle.

    Interactive Petrophysics 2018 v4.5.5

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