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  • XLAUDIT 4.8.0

    The work you do is critical. Million-dollar decisions and financial reports are based on your Excel spreadsheets. Errors aren’t tolerated. And yet, your spreadsheets are complex and it can take hours to manually check for hard-to-find problems.There is a better way! CIMCON’s XLAudit gives you both speed and accuracy. Automated software that makes it easy to find & fix spreadsheet errors.

    XLAudit is designed for Excel and provides productivity-enhancing spreadsheet analysis capabilities
    XLAudit's error-checking and analysis services can be accessed on your desktop or from the cloud.
    Whether you need a tool for yourself or for your entire department, you can select the deployment option

    Find Errors Systematically
    XLAudit utilizes best-practice heuristics to look for formula & cell errors: reference errors, formulas with constants, formula consistency, formatting as text – just to name a few. Find them instantly with just the click of a button.

    Visualize Your Data Integrity
    See all of your spreadsheet’s data connections with XLAudit’s data lineage map. View the operational status of each connection to other workbooks or databases. Display all data links at the file, sheet, or cell levels.

    See Version Changes
    Visually compare files to quickly see the differences between two spreadsheets. Examine workbooks for unexpected changes or see what a colleague altered in your spreadsheet. XLAudit automatically finds all changes (including macro code) and highlights them for faster proofing.

    Fix What You Can't See
    Some issues are truly invisible. XLAudit discovers hidden rows, columns, sheets or white-on-white text. VBA code and macros, that are often behind the curtains, are systematically inspected to ensure best practices and any conditional "hide" functionality.

    Confidence in your Work
    When your spreadsheets come under scrutiny by management, peers, or auditors, XLAudit enables you to showcase adherence to corporate governance standards. XLAudit contains self-documenting features that automatically create an inventory of your work including workbook inputs, outputs & calculations. It will also create objective evidence of your criticality assessment.

    العمل الذي تقوم به أمر بالغ الأهمية. تستند القرارات والتقارير المالية التي تبلغ قيمتها مليون دولار إلى جداول بيانات Excel. لا يتم التسامح مع الأخطاء. ومع ذلك ، فإن جداول البيانات معقدة ويمكن أن يستغرق الأمر بضع ساعات للتحقق يدويًا من المشاكل التي يصعب العثور عليها. هناك طريقة أفضل! يمنحك CIMCON's XLAudit السرعة والدقة. برنامج آلي يجعل من السهل العثور على أخطاء جدول البيانات وإصلاحها.