Zerene Stacker Professional 1.04 Build T202005221330

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  • Zerene Stacker Professional 1.04 Build T202005221330

    Zerene Stacker is “focus stacking” software designed specifically for challenging macro subjects and discerning photographers. Of course it works great with simpler subjects, close-ups, and landscapes also!

    Zerene Stacker has several advantages over other commonly used stacking programs:
    - Highest quality output images, especially in difficult cases
    - Accurate and robust alignment and interpolation
    - Advanced stacking algorithms
    - Clean handling of hairs and bristles – no halos or contour lines
    - Preserves low contrast detail and avoids “stacking mush” with deep stacks
    - Fast and flexible retouching makes it easy to combine the best features of multiple algorithms as well as original frames
    - Retouching supported by all versions, even at the lowest price
    - Supports 8- and 16-bit input and output files
    - Can generate stereo and 3-D rocking animations from a single stack, even for difficult subjects with structural overlaps and bristles.
    - Fully utilizes modern multi-core processors and multi-processor computers
    Used by:
    - Professional photographers
    - Individual enthusiasts
    - Government & industrial research labs
    - Universities
    - Museums
    - Schools
    - People like you!
    For these subjects:
    - Landscapes
    - Architecture
    - Flowers
    - Insects
    - Jewelry
    - Mineral samples
    - Sculptures
    Works with any digital camera:
    - Any brand: Canon™, Nikon™, Sony™, Pentax™, Hasselblad™, Leica™, Olympus™, etc.
    - Any size: digital back, full frame or APS-C DSLR, mirrorless, compact point-and-shoot, USB eyepiece, etc.
    - Any other source of JPEG or TIFF files
    - Does NOT control your camera, but works with other software that does.
    Works with any method of focusing:
    - Move the camera (focus rail, StackShot™)
    - Move the subject (focus stage)
    - Turn the lens focus ring by hand
    - Turn the fine focus knob of a microscope
    - Automatically step the focus motor inside your lens (e.g. ControlMyNikon™, CamRanger™)
    - Optimized for high quality output: "Better images, less work!"
    - Unlimited stack depth, from 2 frames to 1,000's if that's what you need.
    - Handles very large images, e.g. 200 megapixels from a high-end Hasselblad camera
    - Best-in-the-business retouching capabilities
    - Full control of all stacking parameters
    - Automatic alignment and scale correction (focus breathing is no problem)
    - Advanced stacking algorithms
    - Highest quality interpolation methods, up to Lanczos 8 (16x16) if you need it.
    - Lightroom™ plugin available
    Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP

    Zerene Stacker هو برنامج "تكديس التركيز" مصمم خصيصًا لمواضيع الماكرو الصعبة والمصورين المميزين. بالطبع يعمل بشكل رائع مع الأهداف الأبسط ، والصور المقربة ، والمناظر الطبيعية أيضًا!