ITI TranscenData CADfix 12 SP1

Engineering Applications

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  • ITI TranscenData CADfix 12 SP1

    International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) has released Service Pack 1 for CADfix 12, the leading software for CAD model translation, repair and simplification. This update adds new functionality to an already rich toolbox designed specifically to automate and simplify your CAD to CAE, CAM or CFD processes.

    ITI’s CADfix software tackles the problems of CAD model exchange and re-use between diverse engineering applications. CADfix provides advanced geometry processing capabilities, with a focus on CAD-CAE and CAD-CAM integration for improved process automation and lead time reduction.

    In addition to providing a rich selection of data translation and repair functions, CADfix offers tools specifically designed for improving digital manufacturing processes and product quality. CADfix pre-manufacturing tools include: fast and robust STL generation, accurate 2D slice generation, slice analysis, and optimised toolpath generation for each slice with a variable radius capability for different additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques.

    CADfix also provides critical post-manufacturing data analysis to validate the accuracy and quality of the 3D printed part. By comparing a point cloud scan of the manufactured part back to the CAD model, CADfix can highlight production issues and help guide finishing processes for improved product quality.

    International TechneGroup Incorporated was founded in 1983 by the late Dr. Jason "Jack" Lemon with a mission to help manufacturers drive innovation and time to market by applying computer-aided product development to engineering problems. Since then, the increased use of product development software and engineering systems across the enterprise created complex integration and interoperability obstacles that our clients could not overcome on their own. Today, ITI is the global leader providing reliable interoperability, validation and migration solutions for product data and related

    Product: ITI TranscenData CADfix
    Version: 12 SP1
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page : transcendata.com
    Language: english