Cradle scPOST 2020 Patch 6 x64

In Postprocessor, you can visualize the simulation results calculated in Solver. It is effective for product design reviews because in Postprocessor, you can check, for example, temperature distribution at the places that cannot be measured or observed in the actual products. You can output not only still images but also animations, as well as output files for CradleViewer.

Available import formats:MSC Nastran, MSC Marc, images (BMP, PNG), 3D geometry (STL, Parasolid)

Available export formats:Generic format for fluid data (.cgns), images (BMP, JPG, PNG), animation (AVI, WMV), 3D geometry (STL, VRLM, FBX)

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (Verified by Version 1903)/Windows Server 2012/Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 2016
Memory:8GB or more depends on the number of element
Space:10GB for installation
GPU:Graphics card that supports OpenGL for Preprocessor/Postprocessor


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