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    True Grit Texture Supply – Photoshop Plugins

    True Grit Texture Supply – Photoshop Plugins

    Atomica Mid-Century Print Effects
    Relive the Atomic age and effortlessly reproduce the analog imperfections of mid-century printing from the comfort of your digital studio.

    Distress Press
    Distressing Effects Kit for Photoshop

    Whether you’re beating your subject into submission or carefully teasing-out a triumphant result, our Distress Press Distressing Effects kit is so effective you’ll probably cry.
    Distress Press’s savagely powerful roughening action and precisely focussed texture brushes allow you to quickly create bespoke distressing and texture treatments for your artwork with complete control of the entire process.

    Stipple Studio
    69 Stipple Brushes
    for Photoshop

    Built with the demands of pro-illustrators and tattoo artists in mind, Stipple Studio combines thehumanist warmth of analog stippling with the efficiency of your digital workflow to create stippling that looks and feels legit, without sacrificing craft or quality.