Siemens Syncrofit 15.2.0 for CatiaV5-NX Win64

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  • The end to end development process of complex assemblies requires consistent management of information and attention to detail, making the implementation of an efficient fastener management process crucial to keeping any program on schedule. The Syncrofit portfolio of software offers a concurrent approach to the design and manufacturing process that allows users to effectively respond to the complexities of part and assembly interdependencies. Syncrofit is the only production-proven, CAD integrated, commercial off-the-shelf solution (COTS) for the management of complex assemblies.

    CATIA V5 R26-R29 64-bit
    NX-11.0.1+ 64-bit
    NX-12.0.1+ 64-bit (to use NX-12 the minimum supported version is NX-12.0.1)
    NX-1847 Series 64-bit (1847-1867)
    NX-1872 Series 64-bit (1872-1892)


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