LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 Update 3

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    The LEAP development team is pleased to announce the availability of LEAP Bridge Concrete V19 Update 3 (Build . This release contains enhancements and bug fixes.

    LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 Update 3 (October 15, 2019)

    - Support of Louisiana DOT’s standard beams
    - Unified method to import live loads in substructure
    - It allows users to import live load effects as bearing forces in the substructure module through a text file in a standard manner.
    - Enhancement of copy of rebars/strands in the superstructure module
    - It increases the consistency to copy strands/rebars in various dialogs in the superstructure module. It allows users to click one button to copy strands, steel reinforcement from one beam to all other beams.
    - Removal dependency of wind loads per FDOT SDG
    - Default configuration when FDOT SDG option is selected for WS generation. With this enhancement, users can automatically generate load combinations when both WS and WL load types are presented.