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  • Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Multilingual

    قم باستعادة بيانات جهاز iOS الخاص بك باستخدام واجهة بنقرة واحدة بديهية وسهلة الاستخدام يوفرها هذا الحل البرامجي الموثوق به.
    ReiBoot هي أداة مفيدة للغاية يمكنها وضع جهاز iOS الخاصبك في وضع الاسترداد ، بالإضافة إلى سحبه من هذه الحالة بنقرة واحدة.
    عادة ، تنطوي هذه العملية على إجراء شاق يتطلب منك الضغط باستمرار على زر الشاشة الرئيسية للجهاز أثناء فصله وتوصيله
    بجهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك ، حيث تحتاج أيضًا إلى تشغيل iTunes. ناهيك عن أنه في بعض الأحيان يصبح السيناريو أكثر تعقيدًا في حالة حدوث مشكلات في التمهيد.

    Recover your iOS device's data using the intuitive and user-friendly one-click interface that this reliable software solution offers. ReiBoot
    is an extremely handy utility that can put your iOS device into recovery mode, as well as to pull it off this state with a single click.
    Usually, such an operation involves a tedious procedure which requires you to hold down the Home button of the device while
    disconnecting and connecting it to your computer, during which you also need to operate iTunes. Not to mention that sometimes the
    scenario gets even more complicated if boot issues occur.

    ReiBoot is a wonderful resolution to all of these problems, making it possible to induce the Recovery mode, as well as exit it in an
    effortless manner, in a one-click operation.
    Whether your device’s Home button is broken, you’ve encounter a DFU black screen or even worse, the phone has entered an endless
    reboot loop, ReiBoot can help you nonetheless.

    It’s compatible with most modern iOS devices, including iPhones, iPods and iPads and is way less demanding than iTunes, which is the
    traditional way to accomplish such operations. Moreover, ReiBoot won’t cause data loss, being able to preserve the files on the device untouched.
    Manipulating ReiBoot is a child’s play. Provided that you’ve connected the device to the computer, simply launch it, at which point the
    application detects your device model and lists it inside the main GUI.

    If your device is already in Recovery mode, it will identify this accordingly, allowing you to pull it off the state by pressing the dedicated button.
    Overall, it’s incredibly easy and pleasant to work with ReiBoot. It is an effortless process - all you need to do in order to turn the
    Recovery mode on or off is to press one of two buttons.

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