nz SubSmooth 1.8.1 for Sketchup

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  • nz SubSmooth 1.8.1

    Subdivision for Sketchup:
    Create Organic Forms with greater control over points, edges, faces and subdivisions

    The Basic Functions:

    Subdivision |
    nz_Sub&Smooth’s algorithm provides a versatile subdivide function
    minimal polygons, elegantly arranged, + edit tools to steer the subdivision effect.

    Subdivision Triangle sT |
    (Favours even triangular faces and 'pillow effect' (refer to 'nice vertices' video)
    no iterations available: one can continuous re-apply whilst using edit-tools in between
    Settings Option allows your to preserve the open edge location

    Subdivision Quad sQ |
    (Favours Quads and focus on overall form - Traditional)
    1-4 iteration available

    Subdivision nzQuads |
    All the benefits of 'Quad sQ' but with the added functionality of Customisable Greeble!

    Virtual Sub | Soft
    Smooth-out the existing selection with a zero or near-zero increase in face count

    Further still nz_Sub&Smooth comes with a wide variety of editing-tools to allow you to manipulate vertices and refine your model.
    Subdivide and Smooth Smooth Surfaces into Organics Shapes!


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    Thanks Bro!!

    Please upload these too - "TGI3D" ,"FLEX tools" , "Condoc Tools" , "SUplacemaker" , "Instant Architecture"(by VALI Architects) ..

    Thank You!!

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      Allah Razı Olsun