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  • IDEA StatiCa v10.1.117

    Since the release of the first version of IDEA StatiCa Connection in 2014, a lot of time has passed. At that time, the developers of the program presented a completely new approach to the calculation and design of joints of steel structures. The program is based on a unique tool - the Component Finite Element Method (KEME), thanks to which such a rapid growth in the popularity of IDEA StatiCa as software has become possible, which has become the leader in the field of design and calculation of steel structure nodes. IDEA StatiCa was able to solve many problems associated with taking into account local effects arising from the calculation, and organically fit into the modern concept of BIM-design.


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    كيف التفعيل اخى الحبيب

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      thank you so much

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        بعد بحث وجدنا الطريقه وشغاله
        Installation guide
        1- Install the software.
        2. Copy and paste the contents of the Cracked File folder into the software installation (default C: \ Program Files \ IDEA StatiCa \ StatiCa 10.1).
        3. Run the software. In the popup window, click Yes to run the License manager tool. Now just change the type of license to Network key HASP.
        4. Software is fully enabled and can be used without any restrictions.

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          جزاك الله خير مديرنا الكريم


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            جزاك الله خير

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              username و password التحميل للرابط بعد اذنك

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                Originally posted by Farah Fayrouz *
                username و password التحميل للرابط بعد اذنك
                اليوزر والباسورد للتحميل من جميع روابط الملفات الخاصة بسيرفر البوابة نفسها

                User: damas
                Password: damas

                تقبل تحياتي