Timeinpixels Plug-ins Bundle 2020.2 x64

Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Audition and Avid plugins

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  • Timeinpixels Plug-ins Bundle 2020.2 x64

    False Color Plugin. One of the most useful tools for exposure monitoring and shot matching. Bring your camera tool to the post-processing environment!

    Nobe Color Remap simplifies the post-production process without sacrificing quality. Experience cleaner, more precise results and less headaches along the way.

    Nobe Display
    Make use of external screens and mirror your Color Grading suite display for easier monitoring.

    False Color v3.73
    Nobe Color Remap v1.73
    Nobe Display v1.42

    Plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Media Encoder.


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