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  • CoolUtils PDF Combine Multilingual

    يمكن الجمع بين PDF الجمع بين العديد من ملفات PDF في PDF واحد عبر واجهة مستخدم شفافة أو سطر الأوامر. بأي طريقة قد تفكر في. هل تريد دمج ملفات pdf متعددة في مجلدات متعددة في ملف pdf واحد في كل مجلد؟ يمكننا أن نفعل ذلك في عدد قليل من النقرات!

    PDF Combine can combine several PDF files into one PDF via transparent user interface or command line. Any way you may think of. Want to combine multiple pdfs in multiple folders into a single pdf in each folder? We can do that in few clicks!

    Combine thousands of PDF files
    Create clickable Table of Contents
    Combine PDF files by folders
    Combine PDFs by common name part
    Create bookmarks
    Add a Cover page
    Add page counters
    Delete blank pages from scanned files
    Attach mp3 tracks
    Insert blank pages for double side printing.

    Features :

    New! PDF Combine 7.0 is live
    Combine different pages of invoices, bank statements, contracts, or e-books.
    Remove blank pages to get a neat output PDF.
    Combine PDFs by folders or common name part.
    Keep the folder structure, when you combine subfolders within a folder.
    With a click of a button PDF Combine doesn't only combine pdfs, it automatically creates a clickable table of contents.
    Each file name becomes a bookmark. So you get easy navigation within the combined PDF file.
    Optimize for Fast Web View option
    Command line and GUI
    Fast and accurate
    One of the most powerful PDF combiners for Windows today
    No need for Adobe Acrobat
    Free download for you to test
    ActiveX and Server version
    The Pro version can Combine Word, Excel and Image to PDF


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