How To Build Solar Panels (2016)

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  • Easy, Simple, and Dirt Cheap.

    In May of 2008 I bought my house. Within one month, the housing market crashed and the cost of fuel, food, and utilities skyrocketed. Think it won’t happen again?

    Would an extra $50, $100, even $200 or more every month come in handy? These kinds of savings are possible in as little time as it takes to get your next utility bill. I was able to bring my utility costs down from over $500 a month to $75. Money back in my pocket. Think of the savings that can add up to over the course of one year.

    Written for the home owner who is tired of paying many hundreds of dollars a month in gas, electric, and water usage costs. This course is about how you can easily and simply build solar panels dirt cheap, doing simple weekend jobs that will add up to saving big dollars. If you can use simple hand tools, you'll be able to start saving money immediately.

    This course includes 19 videos, 18 downloadable audio podcasts, and a couple dozen .pdf handouts covering every aspect of building your own solar panels. It goes from explaining the fundamentals how the solar industry is tricking you into paying 1000’s of dollars more than necessary, to mounting the finished solar panels on your roof.You'll learn…

    Why build your own solar panels? (Not for the reasons you think!)
    How to Get the Government to Pay For Your Energy System.
    How much manufactured solar panels should cost and what you should pay for them.
    How solar systems work, and how to decide if solar is right for you.
    The tools and materials needed, where to buy them, and a handy shopping list.
    Building a frame that will last for years.
    Assembling and wiring your solar cells correctly the first time.
    Installing the finished cells in the frame.
    Wiring it all together, easily and completely.
    Mounting the Plexiglas to the frame.
    Installing the junction box.
    Mounting your completed solar panel on your roof.
    Did I mention the FREE bonuses?How to get all the FREE glass needed for any solar project
    How to get FREE deep cycle batteries.
    How to get FREE solar panels.
    If you’re considering buying solar panels, what to ask, who to look for, and how to know if you’re being ripped off.
    I have written my instructions in very simple English so that anybody can do this.Every single technique which I reveal in this course is tested, proven, and can be done easily in a weekend with basic tools. I am going to give you full step-by-step instructions and very clear diagrams and photos for you to follow.There are even .pdf downloads you can take into the shop with you, so that you can start building your own solar panels in just a few hours

    How has many free time can download these course. I download one part with poor speed and i dont have more wish for waiting.If anyone can convert in fast links that will be fine. In future come more tutorials for photo-voltaic solar engineering.

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