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  • AVIA Scan2CAD Pro 8.2e -- 6.4 MB
    Scan2CAD v8 is a competitively priced, two-in-one application solution. It offers both Raster to Vector and PDF to CAD conversion in one program.

    Convert More Formats
    More drawings are saved today as PDF than are saved in the historic BMP, TIFF and JPEG raster file formats. To meet the growing demand for accurate PDF to CAD conversion, we have added new generation, high quality, multi-page raster, vector and hybrid PDF file conversion to Scan2CAD, our proven, industry-leading automatic raster to vector converter

    With new Scan2CAD v8 you can now convert every PDF file and, depending on the quality of the scanned image, every raster file you receive from colleagues or clients into a CAD-editable DXF file format The high quality of Scan2CAD's raster and PDF conversion gives you the best of both worlds

    The problem with PDF to CAD converters
    Today, there are many PDF converters that will convert PDF into a CAD-editable file format. Their problem is that most are vector PDF to CAD converters only i.e. they do not convert scanned raster PDF files. Those that do offer the worst raster to vector conversion results we've seen.

    The problem with Raster to Vector converters
    Almost all raster to vector converters restrict themselves to converting standard raster file types, like TIFF, JPEG, etc. Few convert raster PDF files and virtually none convert vector PDF files.

    As a result, many CAD users end up buying both a raster to vector converter and a PDF to CAD converter, doubling their cost.

    Scan2CAD v8 - The Two-in-One Conversion Solution
    By integrating innovative new generation PDF file conversion with its acclaimed professional raster to vector conversion capabilities, Scan2CAD v8 offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your scanned raster and vector PDF conversion requirements - all within ONE affordable program

    Quickly extract CAD-editable data from both PDF files and scanned images. Use Scan2CAD v8 to convert

    - Single or multi-page vector PDF
    - Single or multi-page raster PDF
    - Single or multi-page hybrid PDF (raster and vector)
    - Scanned (raster) images created with desktop / wide format scanners and saved as standard BMP, CAL, CIT, JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.

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