Geonica CSoft GeoniCS 2015 v15.0.6.22 x64

Engineering Applications

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  • Geonica CSoft GeoniCS 2015 v15.0.6.22 x64

    GeoniCS is a domestic technological line on AutoCAD and nanoCAD platforms for processing geodetic and engineering-geological survey data, creating and maintaining geo-information resources of the territory and industrial objects, and geo-engineering design in the field of civil, industrial and transport construction.

    The Topoplan module is the core of the program, which allows you to create topographic plans, maintain a database of project survey points, build a three-dimensional model of the relief and analyze the resulting surface. Based on the constructed model of the relief, the program allows to solve a number of applied problems.

    The module "Master Plan" is used in the design of industrial facilities for various purposes, as well as civil engineering. The module provides full compliance with the requirements of GOST 21.508–93 “Rules for the execution of the working documentation of master plans for enterprises, structures and housing and civil facilities”.

    The Networks module allows you to design external engineering networks and draw up the necessary output documents.

    The module "Trails" allows you to design linearly extended objects and arrange the necessary output documents.

    The "Sections" module allows you to get black sections and design red ones. The design of sections (diameters) is present in full. Further, it is possible to create a 3D model - a corridor.

    The module "Geomodel" is intended for the design of geological research data and the construction of a 3D model for geology.

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