RUNET software STEELexpress version 03.07/2018

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  • RUNET software STEELexpress version 03.07/2018

    With STEELexpress you can easily design structural elements of structural steel.

    Classification of cross-sections, Resistance of cross-sections in single and combined actions, Flexural and lateral buckling resistance of members. Design of connections. Design of beams, columns, roof and floor structures. Design one floor frames and two floor frames. Design of purlins and bracing systems. Design of footings of steel structures.Design of composite steel and concrete structures, according to Eurocode 4. Parameters according to National Annex of Eurocode. Detailed reports with references to Eurocode paragraphs and necessary drawings. Tables with all international steel profiles with dimensions, resistance and buckling resistance values. User defined steel section properties. Welded steel sections formed by the user.

    A combined detailed report is produced for the designed steel components. Assumptions and references to design codes are shown in the report. The user can select the applicable National Annex. The design code parameters, as well as default values, can be adjusted by the user. Design Charts and Tables for use and understanding of Eurocode 3 are included in the program. For frame structures the program's CAD modulus automatic generates detailed drawings of the structure and the joints


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    Can you help me please this software not opening when you finish installing thank you in advance

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      I am sorry, I do not use it but check system requirements, in case.