Ephere Ornatrix for Maya 2014-2019 Win x64

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  • Ephere Ornatrix for Maya 2014-2019 Win x64

    Ephere Ornatrix - a complete hair, fur, and feather solution is now on Maya.

    Key features:

    Procedural hair
    Friendly operator stack workflow for building hair
    Strand groups for non-destructive filtering
    Multiple dynamics options for all types of simulation
    Familiar iterative refinement workflow
    Easy to use groom preset system

    Intuitive modeling tools
    Brush, comb, and cut hair
    Quickly define flow of fur on a surface with arrows
    Frizz, curl, clump, and braid hair procedurally
    Style hair by dragging control points
    Use mesh strips to generate hair

    Tight Maya integration
    Works within Maya shape and nodes framework
    Friendly shelf for a quick start
    Rich 3rd-party renderer support
    Easy SDK for access and extensions
    Variety of import, export, and interop options

    Feathers and foliage
    Procedural feathers with control over shape and rotation
    Blend multiple UV sets for advanced texturing
    Scatter control over materials and shaders
    Custom proxy mesh scattering over hair
    Propagation controls for growing hair on hair