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    Professional English in Use Engineering

    كتاب متميز جدا خاص بالمهندسين بكافة الأقسام والفروع في تعلم الكلمات والمطلحات الخاصة بالهندسة مدنية ، هندسية ، معمارية ، .... مميز جدااا والكتاب نسخة أصلية واضحة وبالألوان كمان .... الكتاب بصيغة ب PDF الشهيرة .... ويقدم حوالى 1500 من أكثر الكلمات والتعبيرات الفنية ....

    عدد صفحات الكتاب : 148 صفحة
    الحجم : 45 ميجا

    Professional English in Use Engineering presents around 1,500 of the most important technical words and phrases in English that engineers and engineering technicians need for their work. The vocabulary has been carefully chosen to include:
    -terms that are essential in all fields of engineering - for example, all engineers need to discuss dimensions and tolerances, know the names of common materials, and describe how components are fitted and fixed together,
    -language for discussing and applying key engineering concepts - for example, stress and strain, work and power, and fluid dynamics,
    -more specific language for mechanical, electrical and civil/structural engineering.





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