Design Curved Beam Spreadsheet

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  • Design Curved Beam Spreadsheet

    Curved Beam is a beam in which the neutral axis in the unloaded condition is curved instead of straight. Or lf the beam
    is originally curved before applying the bending moment
    Curved beams have applications in many machine members such as c - clampers , crane hooks, frames of presses,
    chains, links, rings, etc
    The main difference between curved beams and straight ones that the Neutral axis does not coincide with the cross
    section, but is shifted towards the center of curvature of the beam.
    This spreadsheet will help you to design easily curved beams

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    Where is the spreadsheet? Am I missing something?

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    Originally posted by mufti *
    Where is the spreadsheet? Am I missing something?
    You are right

    Uploaded to attachment now

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