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05-06-2007, 11:36 AM
princeaway غير متصل
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تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2006
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Red Faction

Red Faction


PC-GAME | FPS | FULL | ~740 MB
Red Faction takes place on Mars in the 22nd century, more specifically around the year 2160. Earth’s minerals are being depleted and humans need more of them to survive. The vast Ultor Corporation runs the mining operation on Mars. The living conditions are deplorable, Human rights for the miners are few and a disease called “The Plague” is running rampant throughout the colony with no known antidote available - prodominantly within the confines of the mine complex. Parker, a down trodden miner, came to Mars to make a new start in his life - taken in by the promises and advantages Ultor has to offer in the mines of Mars. After a routine day in the mine with the typical agression towards miners and cramped living conditions and poor nutrition, he witnesses the spark that starts a rebellion. When a security guard abuses a miner at the end of his shift he heartlessly kills him. Parker takes up arms, with the help of Hendrix, an Ultor technician who guides Parker through the complex.
more info here
Game initially comes on 2 CDs, but I noticed that it has to be configured after installation, so I tested Innosetup with the install folder of RedFaction on other PC, and it works flawlessly.
It will unpack, create shortcut on desktop, create entries in start menu with uninstall option, and start the game, which will present you with the menu for setting up.

It is already patched to last version (v1.2) and NoCD crack has been applied, so it won’t nag for any CDs. Tested and working on few PCs. Of course, it is full installation, so all the sounds and movies are here.
password: packed_by_hlloyge

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Red Faction


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