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أستغفر الله العظيم ,, اللهم لك الحمد

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20-03-2007, 12:59 PM
New Tiger غير متصل
الوسـام الذهبي
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تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2004
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Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt 7.4.578 | 67,4 Mb

Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt 7.4.578 67,4

Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt 7.4.578 | 67,4 Mb

Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt is the least intrusive, most creative and most user friendly of all CAD software. At $3,995 USD it should be!
Cobalt matches professional power with speed and ease of use for flexible 3D modeling. Available for Macintosh and Windows, Cobalt lets creative people work without worrying about their software. Designers save time and money by moving quickly from conception through completion in the real world of last minute changes. Primarily for designers, engineers and inventors, Cobalt leads the Ashlar-Vellum product line with on-demand, dimensionally constrained and equation-driven parametrics that make creating variations on a design faster and easier than ever before.
The Vellum magic is addictive—ask any Ashlar-Vellum customer why they use our products and you’ll hear about “Vellumness.” Across our product line, the uniting element is the magical feel of creative simplicity and efficient power. It anticipates your needs and quietly offers help without distraction or intrusion.
Sketch in 2D and 3D—play with an idea, explore, discover. Only pencil and paper compete. Once you begin working with Vellum products, you’ll understand the cult following. Design any shape imaginable—even the organic forms essential to high-end design. Traditional CAD lacks the flexibility to create truly aesthetic, uniquely beautiful forms. Not so with Ashlar-Vellum products.
Design any shape imaginable—even the organic forms essential to high-end design. Traditional CAD lacks the flexibility to create truly aesthetic, uniquely beautiful forms. Not so with Ashlar-Vellum products.
Bring real products to life—move beyond conceptual design to analyzing, maketing, manufacturing and sales. Cobalt’s precise 3D data guarantees accurate drawings and compelling marketing images. Generate renderings for sales, training and promotions, export data for fabrication, or send shop drawings to manufacturing.
Propagate product lines—Cobalt alone offers parametric design variations using equations or relationships so you can quickly develop product families from one concept. Unlike traditional enterprise-based CAD programs, Cobalt’s parametrics are extremely easy to use and available on-demand.
Join the leaders—design innovators share a common tool: Cobalt. From renowned jewelry designers in New York and Paris to athletic equipment companies in the Pacific Northwest, from Apple Computer to Scaled Composites, Cobalt’s flexibility frees creative people to focus on design.
Control the workflow—you can manage files even in the real world of multiple systems and users. Cobalt provides seamless data integration and accurate file sharing through our unparalleled set of translators, all included free.
Realize profits sooner—can you afford to wait? Cobalt streamlines the design process from start to finish, saving you time and money.
- Integrated Design Environment: Wires, Surfaces & Solids
- 2D & 3D Production Drafting
- Associative Parametrics
- Geometric- & Equation-driven Parametrics
- Detail and Auxiliary Views
- Section Views
- Associativity & Work Flow History
- 3D Rendering, Visualization & Animation
- Associative Assembly Tools
- Bill of Materials
- CAM/RPT Output 2D 2D/3D 2D/3D 2D/3D
- Mechanical Parts Library 2D 3D
- Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GDT)

Cobalt 3D modeling
Speeds designs from concept to profit with unmatched flexibility and power:

- On-demand parametrics facilitate design variations and product families.
- Full associativity and Design Explorer(TM) history tracking speed design revisions, updating models and drawing sheets.
- Class-A NURBS surfaces, ACIS solids and intuitive wireframe are in one seamless package.
- Non-modal interface lets you switch between modeling techniques and approaches on the fly.
- Classic Vellum 2D/3D product (Graphite) included.
- Professional drafting with true associative dimensioning and basic model analysis speeds manufacturing.
- More than 30 professional translators included FREE.



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Ashlar Vellum Argon v8.2.862 SP2R2 WinAll Incl Keygen t0ffik التطبيقات الهندسية 3 19-11-2009 10:43 AM
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21-03-2007, 06:20 AM
semo1 غير متصل
مشرف التطبيقات الهندسية
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Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt 7.4.578 | 67,4 Mb


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