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01-11-2006, 05:46 PM
aboarwa غير متصل
الوسـام الماسـي
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تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2004
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ArchVision RPC Seated People

ArchVision Seated People ArchVision Seated People ArchVision Seated People

قبا ما نبدا انا لم انزل الروابط بس انا جربتها وهى شغاله
سلام وشكر لكم

This expanded collection of 30 seated people will help round out virtually any scene, in almost any setting. With casually and professionally dressed adults, with a few school children as well, this 3D collection is an important addition to your toolkit

RPC stands for Rich Photorealistic Content, a term used to describe the software and content associated with ArchVision's award-winning Image-Based Rendering (IBR) technology. RPC is also the file extension for this image-based content. RPC is the first major commercial project in the evolution of image-based rendering technology. Since its introduction in 1998, the company's solutions have become the preferred method of incorporating complex objects into 3D computer graphics environments. Because RPCs rely on photo image data, the incredible richness of detail and quality of images far surpasses even the best computer-generated models

RPC technology has been integrated seamlessly into Autodesk VIZ, 3ds max, Autodesk Architectural Desktop ADT, Autodesk Civil 3D, Autodesk Revit, Robert McNeel & Associates' AccuRender®, SGI Performer, Informatix's Piranesi, Cubicspace's rtre and Bentley MicroStation. This allows the user to take full advantage of the power of RPC with no additional software. RPC technology is currently supported via a plug-in for Alias Maya, Maxon's Cinema 4D R9, Newtek's Lightwave and Adobe Photoshop

RPC technology uses high quality image data combined with minimal polygonal geometry to create the illusion of 3D. By synthesizing image data as the camera moves through the scene, images effectively reproduce the appearance of a 3-Dimensional object without relying on complex polygonal geometry. A remarkably simple user interface makes the placement of RPC content a simple click-to-place operation. An icon is first used to orient RPC content within the geometry of your scene, and at render time, the RPC plug-in calculates the viewing angle of the RPC object relative to the virtual camera. The appropriate corresponding images are then synthesized, creating the illusion that a complete 3D object exists in the scene

The latest RPC content offerings include ArchVision's Smart Content™ user interface that allows users to interact with content through simple controls right in the interface, delivering unprecedented control within your scenes. For example, when placing a car from RPC Automobiles Volume 1, users can steer the tires by dragging the steering slider control in either direction, or use the built-in spline tool to draw a path for the RPC car to follow at a user-defined speed. The Populous 3.5D libraries include people who are viewable from anywhere on the Z-axis at every point in their motion cycles, making them completely camera independent.

compatible with
  • Autodesk VIZ
    3ds max
    Autodesk Architectural Desktop - ADT
    Autodesk Civil 3D
    Autodesk Revit
    Robert McNeel & Associates AccuRender
    SGI Performer
    Informatix's Piranesi
    Cubicspace's rtre
    Bentley MicroStation
rar - 7Parts - 195MB - 30Models - RPC

Download from RapidShare

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02-11-2006, 06:46 AM
semo1 غير متصل
مشرف التطبيقات الهندسية
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ArchVision RPC Seated People


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