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أستغفر الله العظيم ,, اللهم لك الحمد

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22-07-2006, 11:00 PM
the king غير متصل
مشرف سابق
رقم العضوية: 2235
تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2003
المشاركات: 1,608
إعجاب: 29
تلقى 116 إعجاب على 67 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع


Release Date : 07.07.2006

About The Game :

Build the city of the 21st century with City Life! From superb villas in
residential areas to imposing sky scrapers in the business district, design,
build, and develop the city of your dreams. Provide your citizens comfort
and satisfaction by proposing adequate leisure activities and distractions
while making sure you are able to generate profits from taxes and duties.
You must manage this city efficiently to ensure its development flourishes
by resolving the thorny issues of pollution and traffic. Likewise, make
sure the different sociocultural groups coexist as harmoniously as possible
so that the city remains peaceful and prosperous. City Life is a
ext-generation City Builder in real-time 3D. Its fully 3D game engine
offers a level of detail unprecedented in the City Builder genre. The game
boasts highly realistic settings, reflection mapping, a tree engine,
dynamic shadowing, and even an immersion mode that enables players to move
about the cities with a first-person perspective. City Life offers a unique
game experience and a new challenge for City Builder's many fans.
In City Life, not only must you take care of your city's infrastructure
and development, you must also bear in mind your population's wants and
needs. As an urban planning guru, your political role is to make these six
socio-professional/social classes coexist as well as possible: The Elite,
the Radical chic, the Suits, the Fringes, the Blue Collars, and the

-> City Builder is now fully 3D and has cutting-edge technical effects
-> Build your city on any of twenty-two predefined 3D maps and create your
own maps with City Life's 3D editors and scripts
-> Two Playing Modes: a country mode and sandbox mode
-> Ability to zoom to the heart of your city to observe its inhabitants or
zoom out to monitor your megalopolis
-> Over 250 possible buildings and personalizations
-> Six different sociocultural groups with distinct aspirations and needs
-> Total building freedom: redefined ergonomics that eliminate the
constraints of right-angle grids

City.Life-TECHNiC :

City.Life-TECHNiC :

Password :


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23-07-2006, 02:42 AM
LONLY غير متصل
الوسـام الماسـي
رقم العضوية: 430
تاريخ التسجيل: Jun 2003
المشاركات: 4,406
إعجاب: 32
تلقى 55 إعجاب على 17 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع
تسلم ايدك مشرفنا الكبير العسل

23-07-2006, 05:52 PM
the king غير متصل
مشرف سابق
رقم العضوية: 2235
تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2003
المشاركات: 1,608
إعجاب: 29
تلقى 116 إعجاب على 67 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع
عفوا اخي لونلي





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