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29-06-2006, 08:29 PM
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Cue Club - Snooker & Pool

Club Snooker & Pool

اقدم لكم لعبة لاصحاب الاتصال البطىء و السريع معا :1359: .........

بلياردو لكن على شاشة الكمبيوتر Club Snooker & Pool

Club Snooker & Pool

معلومات عن اللعبة

CueClub is a comprehensive and highly playable pool and snooker simulation. Prefering an overhead view of the table, CueClub allows you to play the entire game using only the mouse. This makes the game instantly playable and highly addictive. With a choice of different table designs and a healthy selection of games UK 8 Ball, US 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Snooker, Killer and Speed Pool), there's plenty to keep you occupied. Also thrown in is a handy practice mode, which is an excellent environment to test out the stunningly accurate physics, and hone your ball control skills. Side, top, back spin and swerve can all be applied to great effect, enabling you to pull off some incredible shots. You can even get rid of the cue altogether and just hurl the balls around with the mouse! Luckily, a replay option is included which will let you save all your best shots to show your mates later. What makes CueClub so unique is its innovative Virtual Chat mode. This allows you to hook up with other players from a virtual chat room (which is generated by the computer), and chat with them just like you do in a real internet chat room - but without having to be on-line, and hence no costly phone bill. Sophisticated AI routines regulate the conversation, and there's plenty of terse language going around too, although be warned, you can be kicked out if you start swearing like a cowboy. Each member logs who they've played against and chatted too, forming a relationship in the process. These relationships determine the pecking order, and who gets to play who, whilst progress is made by beating opponents to improve your reputation. By beefing up your rank, you eventually get to play the big boss. Beat him or her and you uncover the next chat room, and so on.

معلومات التحميل

Club Snooker & Pool

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Cue Club - Snooker & Pool


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