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02-06-2006, 05:31 PM
New star متصل
مدير عام ومؤسس بوابة داماس
رقم العضوية: 1
تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2003
الإقامة: SYRIA
المشاركات: 26,995
إعجاب: 4,664
تلقى 6,816 إعجاب على 855 مشاركة
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DashSignature EVE VSTi v2.00.05 بلغ إن للإستديوهات الصوتية

DashSignature VSTi v2.00.05 للإستديوهات الصوتية

EVE stands for Electronic Vintage Ensemble, which suggests the design philosophy behind the instrument.

EVE was made to recreate in the virtual world of softsynths the exciting and immediate experience of the early age of electronics in pop, rock and jazz music from the 1960’s and 1970’s

In this creative period in music history, many musicians started to employ the innovative sounds of the ‘electric keyboards’ which were newly available for use on stage and in the studio: Rhodes electric pianos, Hammond and Vox organs, Hohner clavinets, strings machines such as the Arp Solina string ensemble, Moog synthesizers, and all those that are now considered ‘classics’.
Not only were keyboards a part of this revolution in popular music, but the use of effects and recording techniques for layering, blending and manipulating sounds transformed the way music was produced and conceptualized: Tape based delay lines, rotating speaker cabinets, guitar distortion pedals, wah wah, phasing, flanging and other effects became an integral part of the process of sound design.

EVE takes these vintage sounds and this early approach to ‘electronic’ music production as a starting point, and brings this general philosophy and sound into the modern virtual environment with an intuitive and powerful interface. At the core of the EVE approach to sound design is the basic structure of 3 sample-playing layers, 2 multi-effect racks, and a selected library of multisampled ‘electric keyboards’.
This enables the blending of several waveforms and instruments into a vintage wall of sound, or alternatively, the use of the 3 layers multi-timbrally as a vintage workstation. These layers can then be further processed through the EVE’s powerful multi-effect racks.
There is a well designed system of parameters for tweaking instruments and effects towards musical results, with all parameters accessible on a single page for easy and intuitive sound design.
Using EVE 2 is just like having the vintage boxes at your fingertips.

If only it was this easy back in the day!
So what are you waiting for? Fire up EVE and take in a blast from the past, with the added convenience of the future! We know you want too!

What's EVE 2?

EVE 2 adds several enhancements and new synthesis features to the simple yet powerful EVE design. All the original functionality and ease of use is still there, with the following changes and additions –
• The original LP resonant filter per layer in EVE has been replaced by a multimode filter (LP, HP, BP, BR) with control over cut, resonance and envelope modulation, as well as a special ‘fractal’ modulation parameter. This expanded filter design provides further tools for balanced layering of sounds, and deep pads.
• FM/AM modulation capabilities per layer have been added via the ~FM switch matrix. FM and AM can be used to add interesting harmonic distortions to the original instruments, or to manipulate new sounds from the existing samples.
• The vintage multi-effect racks have been updated, with an expanded ECHO rack, and a new overdrive effect in the MODULATOR rack, as well as various enhancements to other effects.
• New routing options between the layers and the effects allow the MODULATOR rack to function in both ‘send’ and ‘insert’ modes.
• EVE 2 now supports the loading of WusikSND SoundSets, opening up a whole range of extra sample content that can be loaded into the EVE engine. Due to synth design differences, EVE 2 does not load Wusik presets (FXP, FXB, BNK or WusikPRST files). For EVE 2 to read WusikSND SoundSets, they must be installed into the ‘EVE Data’ directory in any subfolder.
• The EVE 2 default sound library features new SoundSets and presets in addition to those that shipped with EVE.

List of some of the many multisamples bundled with EVE 2
• CP 70B
• D6 Clavinet
• Rhodes 73 MK I
• Suitcase 88
• Mellotron Strings
• PE2000 Strings
• Solina
• Trident String Brass Combi
• Vintage Strings O3
• B3 Percussive Dry
• CX Drawbar Set (4 versions)
• Vox Continental C
• Several analog waveforms
• A complete Electro Drum Set
• Minimoog
• PolySix
• Wurlitzer EP
• Zvon Prepared Rhodes
• Fairlight
• Ethnic sounds
EVE Features
3 wave player sections with:
• ADSR envelope
• Velocity sens
• Double KeyTrack scaling
• LP (LowPass) filter with resonance
• 3 band equalizer
• Pitch, Amp and Pan LFOs
• Pitch envelope enable
• Semitone transpose
• Fine pitch
• Send to FX 1
• Send to FX 2
• Volume
• Mute switch
• VU meter
• Velocity Zone: min and max
• Key Zone : high and low
• Polytimbric over 3 parts
• 3 modes for each LFO: Free, Sync, Inv.
• FM and AM per Osc.
Master controls:
• Glide
• mono mode
• LFO masters
• fine tuning
• Velocity sens.
Two DSP sections:
• Echo (true stereo vintage tape delay emulation, with Sync Chorus)
• Modulator (Leslie, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Wha Filter, OverDrive)
MIDI Learn: More than 100 parameters remotely controllable by Midi Control Changes
300+ high quality presets.

Download (137.8 MB) Any link:
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DashSignature EVE VSTi v2.00.05 بلغ إن للإستديوهات الصوتية


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