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أستغفر الله العظيم ,, اللهم لك الحمد

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10-02-2006, 05:38 PM
we6wa6 غير متصل
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Valley of The Wolves Iraq 2006

Valley Wolves Iraq 2006

A record breaker on Turkish TV for three seasons and now a phenomenon, "Valley of the Wolves" is now preparing to shake the world with the movie. The story begins with a true story: "The Hood Event" On 2003, the 4th of July, allied American forces come to the unofficial, half-secret Turkish headquarters consisting of eleven people. The Turkish soldiers suppose that this an ordinary visit from their allies. But this time it is different. In the changing conjuncture, America wants to be the only power "calling the shots". To them, there is no place for Turks in the region any more; That day, eleven soldiers are deported with hoods on their heads with no respect to their soldier ship dignity and in front of the region's people; It's all truth up to this point in the movie; In the story based on facts, Suleyman Aslan is one of those eleven soldiers.

As first lieutenant, Suleyman, can't reconcile being insulted and surrendering with his honor. Therefore, he commits suicide and leaves a letter behind. The letter is addressed to Polat Alemdar; Polat Alemdar is a very specially trained Turkish intelligence agent. He has attended several missions in the country and abroad for a secret agency working for the state; Because of his last mission, he has no contact with the secret agency; Living by his missions, Polat Alemdar can't ignore the will of his friend who committed suicide for the sake of his duty. He is in Northern Iraq with his men now. To die for, if needed; They found a different situation than they expected in Northern Iraq. They were after the man who insulted the Turkish soldiers but they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the situation there. The people of Iraq's values, personalities and history were completely being disregarded. The desired new order was forcing an unacceptable change on the people; The one who is responsible for these unendurable crimes against humanity is a special forces commander called Sam William Marshall and who was also responsible for the hood event. In order to carry out his plan, Sam W. Marshall raids the Arabian wedding where everyone from the region comes together. He kills tens of people. All are civilians. Leila, the bride of the wedding, loses her future groom in the killings. Apart from the people who were murdered there, also a lot of people are declared terrorists and arrested. Destiny shall intersect the paths of Polat and Leyla later fort he sake of the objective that both had ventured to die for; Sam William Marshall is now being chased by all of his sins, Polat and Leyla; You will not forget the movie "Valley of the Wolves - Iraq" adorned with incredible action scenes and heartbreaking stories of humanity.
Genre: Action / Adventure
Starring : Billy Zane - Necati ?a?maz - Ghassan Massoud - Bergüzar Korel - Gürkan Uygun
Enjoy it....
1. The film is coded in xvid format. So you have to install the xvid codec.
2. The film is splitted in winrar parts. You can join it with winrar
3. All of the parts are the same. So you can download it in different servers.

Codec:Xvid 2 CD's 636 MB
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Valley of The Wolves Iraq 2006


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