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أستغفر الله العظيم ,, اللهم لك الحمد

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12-09-2005, 03:45 AM
Nano Star غير متصل
عضو محترف
رقم العضوية: 3298
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2004
المشاركات: 656
إعجاب: 0
تلقى 11 إعجاب على 6 مشاركة
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DVD X Player Professional 3.0

Player Professional

DVD X Player is the first region free/code free software DVD player in the world. DVD X Player have no region lock protection* allowing you to view ALL movies from ALL regions* 1 thru 6. Through this player you can play all region DVD on all DVD drives even if you have changed the region code 5 times. You needn't hack DVD drive (flash firmware) which is very dangerous.
DVD X Player supports macrovision-free feature through which you can view DVDs through your TV-out device without obstruction or distortion. It also supports operation-free through which you can skip the FBI warning easily.
DVD X Player is a full-featured and easy to use DVD* Video CD* Audio-CD and media file player. It can provide superior quality video and audio (Dolby&DTS) also other enhanced functions: e.g. optional skins* playback image and DV* image capture and bookmark* etc. Furthermore* it supports DIVX* MPEG4* RM* QuickTime* WMV* WMV-HD* MacroMedia Flash and so on popular media formats of Internet.

Key Features :
-Region free/ Code free/ Zone free - RPC2/RCE Region Free
-You can watch ALL DVD movies from ALL regions(1 thru 6) without changing the region code.
-Macrovision-free. You can view DVDs through your TV-out device without obstruction or distortion.
-Operation-free. You can skip the FBI warning easily.
-Superior audio and video playing quality
-Supports Dolby Digital 5.1(AC-3)* Digital Theater System (DTS)* Dolby Surround* multi-channel decoding up to 7.1 channels
-Supports Digital Theater System (DTS)* Dolby AC-3 through S/PDIF
-Supports DVD-Video* VCD/SVCD and other media formats
-Optional skins* playback image* WebCam and DV
-Bookmark Manager* Auto-Resume Play* Image Capture* Parental Control* Region Code Setting
-Supports full resolution video playback at 720x480 for NTSC and 720x576 for PAL
-Supports Wide Screen (video for 16:9 display)
-Full optimized for INTEL MMX* SSE* SSE2 and AMD 3DNOW* 3DNOW PRO instruction sets

What's New in v3.0:
* New fashion skins
- Pretty and practical frames in the video window;
- Easy to use floating control panel* for the convenience of your favored functions;
- You'll find every thing new and fresh of our newly added skins. Most of the optional skins are fashionable light colors in which will meet different users.
* New Functions
- Bookmark Preview . Display bookmark as picture. It helps you to choose more bookmarks without confusion;
- Capture Preview. Preview capturing images in both miniature and original forms. Then you can choose your favorite images and save them;
- Video Zoom In . Enjoy a more clear-cut image of the detailed video through Video Zoom In;
- Video Navigation . Select your favorite part by position the navigation box while zoom in;
- Files Associator. Select media formats which you want to use DVD X Player to open. Just double click the files;
- A/B Repeat Learning Mode;
- Play Digital slideshow;
- Playing DV* Web Cam and TV.
* Added Support Media Types
- Support Real Network format: PRM* RMVB;
- Support QuickTime format: MOV* QT;
- Support image format: BMP* JPG* GIF;
- Support Video Capture Device: DC* DV* TV Card etc.;
- Support Flash format* file extension: SWF;
- Support OGG format: OGG* OGM;
- Support video format for next generation - High-Definition Video (HD-Video);
- Support WMV-HD (Windows® Media Video High Definition).
* Support DTS Decode
- Except for Dolby Digital (Dolby AC-3)* DVD X Player will also support DTS from this version.

Size: 3.07 MB


المواضيع المشابهه
الموضوع كاتب الموضوع المنتدى مشاركات آخر مشاركة
DVD X Player Professional v4.1 ahmedghazi برامج 0 08-04-2007 12:25 AM
FantasyDVD Player Professional 8.70 mgeneral برامج 3 16-02-2006 06:59 AM
FantasyDVD Player Professional 8.30 Dorid برامج 0 29-09-2005 02:28 PM
Crystal Player Professional V1.90 Rc3 MUSTANG برامج 3 16-02-2005 03:50 AM
DVD X Player Professional v2.0 CrazyWorm برامج تحرير الفيديو وتحويل الصيغ وبرامج الصوتيات والملتيميديا 4 13-06-2004 11:09 PM

12-09-2005, 04:34 AM
Nano Star غير متصل
عضو محترف
رقم العضوية: 3298
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2004
المشاركات: 656
إعجاب: 0
تلقى 11 إعجاب على 6 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع
شكراً جزيلاً لمرورك الكريم و التشجيع الدائم

12-09-2005, 05:58 AM
al nzeeh غير متصل
عضو ذهبي
رقم العضوية: 19367
تاريخ التسجيل: Apr 2005
المشاركات: 708
إعجاب: 0
تلقى 4 إعجاب على 4 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع
بارك الله بك جهود مميزة مشرفتنا

تحياتي النزيهية

09-08-2007, 08:22 PM
moonmoolan غير متصل
عضو جديد
رقم العضوية: 91621
تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2007
المشاركات: 23
إعجاب: 0
تلقى 0 إعجاب على 0 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع
الملفات المرفقة غير سليمة .... صدقني حرام كده

09-08-2007, 10:26 PM
New star متصل
مدير عام ومؤسس بوابة داماس
رقم العضوية: 1
تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2003
الإقامة: SYRIA
المشاركات: 26,995
إعجاب: 4,664
تلقى 6,816 إعجاب على 855 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 1684 موضوع
المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة moonmoolan 
الملفات المرفقة غير سليمة .... صدقني حرام كده
هذه المشاركة من سنه 2005 ... انظر تاريخ كتابه الموضوع

الحرام ان ترد و ترفع موضوع تغيرت اصدارته دون انتباه

نرجو الإهتمام و عدم رفع المواضيع التي مضى عليها سنوات .

هذا الاصدار الحالي :

DVD X Player 4.1 Professional

Homepage -

Size: 4.86 MB


معلومات التسجيل
اليوزر DamasGate


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DVD X Player Professional 3.0


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