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28-07-2005, 09:22 PM
sikovluv غير متصل
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Heroes Of Might And Magic IV: Winds Of War

Heroes Might Magic Winds


Then of course you do not wait a complete relook* a crowd of innovations and all the tremor. Winds Of War it is before a a whole kind of large patch which still brings after The Gatering Storm a little matter additional to HMM 4. If the preceding extension filled the enormous gap of the multijouor mode for which had not downloaded the patch which was lengthily made wait* this time these is mainly the small additions which are proposed to us. The universe of play remains appreciably the same one* one notes the appearance of new heroes available for the campaigns* of the campaigns which amount six concerning the radical innovation. With this new charts for scenarios or for the famous multijouor mode are added which will have made definitely much speak about him.

In short* of the innovations which are all the same in a number limited for an adventure which takes seat in the universe of Channon whose grounds extend to north from the continent from Axeoth. Channon is obviously not the place of a pop meeting rock'n'roll marked under the sign of Peace And Love but beautiful and well a new kingdom coveted by five armies of invaders (sorry if I have just leaded environment). One finds blow 5 characters; Mongo* Erutan* Mystério the Splendid one* the Baron Von Tarkin and Spazz Maticus. Each one of them will thus have a good motivation to seize the kingdom what will come to legitimate the new campaigns. Other small additions* of new creatures. Catapult (can one truly speak about creature for a machine of seat!?) who will remotely set ablaze your enemies* Grinceur Frénétique animated of a fatal madness and immunized against the magic* finally* Mégédragon (that been able as name) small beast which tears all but which rare and is not frankly predisposed with the magic. One in addition notes the appearance of new sites on the chart of adventure* of the places whose principal raison d'être lies in the possibility of recruiting new combatants and creatures there to enlarge the rows of your armies.

Some new artifacts come to be added to all this to spice the whole* the possibilities in term of strategy which these innovations offer are certainly sympathetic nerves for bitten HMM 4 but remain limited. For the remainder obviously the gameplay remains in the same vein as what one knew already* strategy with the turn by turn* displacement with the turn by turn... In short of Heroes Of Might And Magic. Graphics remain also unchanged* outwards obviously news skins characters and monsters to be fought. The band on its side seems to grow rich by some new topics always as sympathetic nerves as before and terribly resting like background musics. Concerning the do-it-yourselfers they will find an editor updated to include the innovations brought by Winds Of War in their insane creations* it goes without saying the players not having the extension will not be able to play with you on parts created with this extension if they do not have it.

All things considered like the majority of the extensions* Winds Of War is intended for bitten original play which will find some small innovations there even if one could nevertheless have hoped that they are in a more consequent number. To reserve to the purists of HMM 4 and to buy with full knowledge of the facts obviously...

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02-08-2005, 11:18 AM
al nzeeh غير متصل
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مشكور يا اخي الكريم

08-08-2005, 10:44 AM
toty-100 غير متصل
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Heroes Of Might And Magic IV: Winds Of War


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