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27-09-2014, 12:49 AM
سعد الدين غير متصل
المسؤول الفني
رقم العضوية: 3
تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2003
الإقامة: Türkiye
المشاركات: 37,230
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خلفيات صوتية BBC Sound Effects Library 60CD's

خلفيات صوتية Sound Effects Library

مكتبة الخلفيات والمؤثرات الصوتية من BBC

الملفات MP3

BBC Sound Effects Library 60CD

مجموعة ضخمة جدا تتكون من 60 اسطوانة مؤثرات صوتية من مكتبة BBC

The BBC Sound Effects Library THE ENTIRE 1and2 COLLECTION 60 CDs

خلفيات صوتية Sound Effects Library

The BBC Sound Effects Library is an valuable resource
for anyone interested in film, video, radio, DJ, etc.

This copy of the Library was made at the University of
Lethbridge, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. There are
many other institutions ( and individuals) across
North America that will have the same materials.

Unfortunately, the University of Lethbridge was missing
two of the CDs from this collection. CD number 7 and
CD number 25 are not included in this compilation
because they were missing from the UofL collection.

I have included an additional resource that also
contains many useful sound effects. The Annoying Sounds
CD will aslo benefit anyone looking for unique sounds
to include in their projects.

The WORD document entitled:
'BBC Sound Effects Library Catalgue'
can be searched electronically by opening the
document in your word processor and using the
search feature under the 'Edit' menu. This
cataloge file does not include the sounds on
the Annoying Sounds CD.

If anyone has access to the two missing disks from
this collection, perhaps they could upload them for
the rest of us, or add them to this compilation and
upload the entire collection for others.


The BBC Sound Effects Library - Original SeriesThe BBC Sound Effects Library gives you a limitless resource of royaltyfree sound. Meeting the highest industry standards, BBC offers a wideselection of sound clips recorded by BBC's top engineers. The original40 CD series comprises a full complement of exterior atmospheres,household, interior backgrounds, comedy, fantasy, humor,communications, water, industry, cars, hospitals, equestrian events,livestock, agricultural machinery, horses, dogs, schools and crowds.

BBC 01
General Sound EffectsBBC 02
Exterior AtmospheresBBC 03
HouseholdBBC 04
Interior BackgroundsBBC 05
TransportBBC 06
07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps
BBC 08
Comedy, Fantasy & HumourBBC 09
InternationalBBC 10
CommunicationsBBC 11
WaterBBC 12
British BirdsBBC 13
IndustryBBC 14
CitiesBBC 15
Natural AtmospheresBBC 16
CarsBBC 17
Sport & LeisureBBC 18
Bang!BBC 19
Electronically Generated SoundsBBC 20
Weather IBBC 21
Weather IIBBC 22
Ships & Boats IBBC 23
Ships & Boats IIBBC 24
25 Aircraft
BBC 26
ChinaBBC 27
BabiesBBC 28
HospitalsBBC 29
Africa: The Human WorldBBC 30
Africa: The Natural WorldBBC 31
Equestrian EventsBBC 32
GreeceBBC 33
Adventure SportsBBC 34
Livestock IBBC 35
Livestock IIBBC 36
Farm MachineryBBC 37
Horses IBBC 38
Horses II & DogsBBC 39
Schools & CrowdsBBC 40
41 Trains
42 Age Of Steam
43 Construction
44 Cats
45 Emergency
46 Istanbul
47 Birds
48 Crowds
49 Suburbia
50 France
51 England
52 Exterior Atmospheres-Rural Backg
53 India & Nepal-City Life
54 India Pakistan Nepal-Countrysid
55 Footsteps I
56 Footsteps II
57 Urban South America
58 Rural South America
59 Hungary
60 The Czech Republic Slovakia


بسم الله نبدأ

الروابط مباشرة من سرفر البوابة

Annoying Sounds - Revenge CD

Sound Effects Library-01 - BBC Sound Effects

Sound Effects Library-02 - Exterior Atmospheres

Sound Effects Library-03 - Household

Sound Effects Library-04 - Interior Backgrounds

Sound Effects Library-05 - Transport

Sound Effects Library-06 - Animals & Birds

Sound Effects Library-07 - Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps

Sound Effects Library-08 - Comedy, Fantasy and Humor

Sound Effects Library-09 - International

Sound Effects Library-10 - Communications

Sound Effects Library-11 - Water

Sound Effects Library-12 - British Birds

Sound Effects Library-13 - Industry

Sound Effects Library-14 - Cities

Sound Effects Library-15 - Rural Atmopheres

Sound Effects Library-16 - Cars

Sound Effects Library-17 - Sport and Leisure

Sound Effects Library-18 - Bang!

Sound Effects Library-19 - Electronically Generated Sounds

Sound Effects Library-20 - Weather #1

Sound Effects Library-21 - Weather #2

Sound Effects Library-22 - Ships & Boats #1

Sound Effects Library-23 - Ships & Boats #2

Sound Effects Library-24 - America

Sound Effects Library-25 - Aircraft

Sound Effects Library-26 - China

Sound Effects Library-27 - Babies

Sound Effects Library-28 - Hospitals

Sound Effects Library-29 - Africa- The Human World

Sound Effects Library-30 - Africa- The Natural World

Sound Effects Library-31 - Equestrian Events

Sound Effects Library-32 - Greece

Sound Effects Library-33 - Adventure Sports

Sound Effects Library-34 - Livestock #1

Sound Effects Library-35 - Livestock #2

Sound Effects Library-36 - Farm Machinery

Sound Effects Library-37 - Horses #1

Sound Effects Library-38 - Horses #2 and Dogs

Sound Effects Library-39 - Schools & Crowds

Sound Effects Library-40 - Spain

Sound Effects Library-41 - Trains

Sound Effects Library-42 - Age Of Steam

Sound Effects Library-43 - Construction

Sound Effects Library-44 - Cats

Sound Effects Library-45 - Emergency

Sound Effects Library-46 - Istanbul

Sound Effects Library-47 - Birds

Sound Effects Library-48 - Crowds

Sound Effects Library-49 - Suburbia

Sound Effects Library-50 - France

Sound Effects Library-51 - England

Sound Effects Library-52 - Exterior Atmospheres-Rural Backg

Sound Effects Library-53 - India & Nepal-City Life

Sound Effects Library-54 - India Pakistan Nepal-Countrysid

Sound Effects Library-55 - Footsteps I

Sound Effects Library-56 - Footsteps II

Sound Effects Library-57 - Urban South America

Sound Effects Library-58 - Rural South America

Sound Effects Library-59 - Hungary

Sound Effects Library-60 - The Czech Republic - Slovakia

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28 اسطوانة مؤثرات صوتية Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library 1000 Series 28 CDs سعد الدين مؤثرات وخلفيات صوتية للمونتاج MP3, WAV 20 03-05-2017 10:51 PM
خلفيات صوتية 1400 صوت منوع Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library 1400 Sound FX سعد الدين مؤثرات وخلفيات صوتية للمونتاج MP3, WAV 23 03-05-2017 10:51 PM
خلفيات صوتية 40 اسطوانة Sound Ideas The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library سعد الدين مؤثرات وخلفيات صوتية للمونتاج MP3, WAV 15 03-05-2017 10:50 PM
خمسة اسطوانات مؤثرات صوتية Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library 5CDs سعد الدين مؤثرات وخلفيات صوتية للمونتاج MP3, WAV 10 07-01-2017 05:23 AM
5 اسطوانات مؤثرات صوتية The Warner Bros Sound Effects Library-320-MP3 سعد الدين مؤثرات وخلفيات صوتية للمونتاج MP3, WAV 7 03-08-2016 07:24 AM

27-09-2014, 02:21 AM
raedms غير متصل
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سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

07-10-2014, 09:44 PM
elselim غير متصل
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حاجه محترمه جدا

15-11-2014, 10:10 AM
ودبيلا غير متصل
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رائع جدا جدا يديك العافيه

01-01-2015, 04:48 PM
أميرة بكرمي غير متصل
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thanxs alot

03-01-2015, 06:20 PM
احفير غير متصل
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بارك الله فيك

10-03-2015, 08:48 PM
mohamedshamekh غير متصل
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بارك الله فيك أخي الكريم ، مع جزيل الشكر والامتنان

01-09-2015, 10:12 AM
iahmed غير متصل
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شكرا لك عزيزي

15-09-2015, 08:20 AM
alsinnari غير متصل
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بارك الله فيك أخي الكريم ، وجزاك الله كل خير .


خلفيات صوتية BBC Sound Effects Library 60CD's


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