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الموضوع الشامل عن لعبة battlefield 2 كل الحلول التي تريدها هنا

- 8) Common Questions -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What is BF2: Armored Fury? >>

- It's a booster pack for Battlefield 2. All you need is original BF2, and the
booster pack acts like a mini-expansion pack. A few new vehicles including more
jets & armor was added. Armored Fury supposedly includes some of the best BF2
maps to date, which was the big hype around it. Unfortunately, the mod was
released around the gloom of the 1.3 patch problems, which has caused people to
question their decision to purchase Armored Fury. Would highly recommend this
booster pack to anyone who loved BF2.

<< What is BF2: Euro Force? >>

- It's a booster pack for Battlefield 2. All you need is original BF2, and the
booster pack acts like a mini-expansion pack. A few new choppers, vehicles, and
weapons were added in this booster pack. It also has 3 new maps. Was mainly
designed for the international community, and has a fair pickup of player
(although not a huge success). Costs roughly $10.

<< How do I unlock the new Special Forces weapons for normal BF2? >>

- Play one official ranked round under EA's new Special Forces expansion pack.
All five weapons should automatically be unlocked for normal BF2 play. If you
do not have SF, do not fear. There is an "alternate" way which you can check
out in Chapter 4.

<< What would you rate Battlefield 2? >>

- To be frank and simplistic, a [10/10]. This is the best game I have played
since Half-Life, and that is one of my top 10 favorite games of all-time.
Battlefield 2 combines elements of first-person shooters, strategy games, and
vehicular combat into one. It attempts to recreate a realistic environment with
action-paced fighting, lots of players in one server at a time, and excellent
graphics. Despite the fact that the game is multiplayer-only (well,
practically), it was darn well worth the purchase in my opinion. The best
feature is how it keeps track of stats, your awards, and specifically your
rank. You almost feel as if you're serving a tour of duty each time you log on
to kick some ass. The single-player was horrible in my opinion, non-existant.
This can be considered a slight downfall since all you do is play bots on each
map with no intended purpose. Nonetheless, the community is huge for this game,
there are ranked, unofficial, and custom servers for mods. It just does not get
any better than this.

<< How does the gameplay actually play out? >>

- Everyone must select a spawn point on the map. Spawn points are determined by
who holds a control point. Everyone spawns out as a default infantry soldier,
but you can interact with the environment to enhance your status. If you see an
empty tank, hop in, and you'll now be control of a tank. Air vehicles can be
used to bomb targets, while your opponents can counter by manning mounted
Stingers, and trying to shoot you down. Maps are designed for intensive
conflicts, while allowing each class to act as a balancing factor on the map.
Different classes serve different purposes. Only three classes have
capabilities to destroy armored vehicles, but they also have weaker primary
guns in the same process. Battlefield 2 combines the essentials that only a few
titles have managed to put together. Joint Ops was the classic example of a
title that almost breached the line, but couldn't meet the presentation
standards that BF2 offers.

<< Are there any other versions of Battlefield 2? >>

- Yes, Battlefield 2 was recently released for the consoles as BF2: Modern
Combat. This console version is essentially better than the PC version as it
includes new features, new maps, and a few new items. It has taken some
elements from the BF2: Special Forces expansion pack, and molded them into one
title. BF2 on the PC features plenty of depth, but a BF2: Special Forces
expansion pack is planned to be released at the end of November, 2005. This
plans to add more infantry-emphasis combat, grappling hooks, night maps, and so
forth. Think of it like a Splinter Cell type of game, but with more action and
arcadish movement. There will be a few custom mods coming out in the upcoming
months that completely alter the original BF2 game. They will make the gameplay
experience feel entirely new. There is also Battlefield 1942, which is the
prequel to this game. It's only a few years old, and still has a decent
community playing.

<< What's the difference between the CD & DVD version? >>

- The normal CD version of BF2 spans 3 CDs, while the DVD version is all
compiled onto one. The 3 CD one has two extra installation CDs, and you need to
always put the first CD in. With the DVD version, everything is compacted into
one, and it looks really nifty.

<< How good are you at this game? >>

- I'd say I'm better than 80% of the players out there. While ranking is mainly
determined by how much time you invest, I just simply understand how to play
nearly every class to maximum potential. The whole idea of BF2 is not to be
focused with one class, but to make use of kits on the ground, and constantly
change your identity to help your team during a given situation.

<< What's your account name? >>

- My account name is antseezee. I usually have a prefix on it though. Feel free
to say something if we fight each other on the battlefield.

<< Did you get Special Forces? >>

- Nope. I was tempted to, but the $30 price tag just didn't appeal to me. I
will not write a FAQ for Special Forces either. To be honest, I was hoping
there'd be more than just 5 new weapons. From what I've seen, Special Forces is
somewhat appealling, but I prefer to have armor and outside variables in my
gameplay. Restricting it to mainly civilian vehicles and infantry combat loses
some of that excitement.

)) Troubleshooting ((

<< I'm getting a horrible FPS, or stuttering frames when playing online? >>

- I've narrowed it down to two physical hardware problems. The easiest
(although not 100% fix) method to solving this is to get 2 GB of RAM.
Battlefield 2 is a resource hog. The program eats up 850MB of RAM alone just to
work during operation. That's a heck of a lot of RAM for a mere game. Computers
with 1GB of RAM or less will suffer greatly as a Pagefile memory file must be
created to supply extra RAM. This eats space on your HD, and also causes
slowdown as the extra RAM is being loaded off of your hard-drive, putting more
stress when loading game files, textures, and new animations. People have
managed to hardly notice any slowdown when upgrading to 2 GBs. The only
solution is to get a faster RPM hard-drive. My base HD is only a 5400 RPM (most
computers have these types). You need a 7200 RPM or better to increase loading
speeds, and also to decrease stuttering lag during gameplay. Often, when
playing on a high texture setting, you'll see your "working" LED blinking a
lot. This means the HD is doing a ton of work. Getting a faster RPM HD means
the HD can load files faster without causing slowdown to the computer. There is
a third alternate solution to try. Change the audio output to Software, as
opposed to Hardware. Hardware may put more strain on the audio card, hence
causing lag.

<< How do I know if my video card works with this game? >>

- Read the official list. You gotta google for it. I know for a fact that those
GeForce 4's, 3's, and MXs don't work with this game. You gotta have at least
the FX series, preferably 5700 or better. Some people may have gotten it work
with a lower 5000 series. PCI-E cards work best, along with 256MB of video RAM,
although the difference really comes down to the quality build.

<< Are there any other ways to increase BF2 performance? >>

- Press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and get rid of any unnecessary programs. Quit any
programs in your taskbar, especially file sharers. Make sure your virus scan
programs aren't working in the background. Altering the in-game options can
also increase FPS, or reduce stutter lag. Try putting the textures setting on
Low, but put everything else on High, with exception to Shadows (turn them
off), and Lighting (Low). The game will work significantly well, despite cruddy
textures. You'll get great landscape and appearances for the most part.
Obviously, keeping the base resolution on prevents slowdown issues. Stretching
your resolution out can cause extra unnecessary slowdown.

<< How do I set a custom resolution? >>

- If you're using a laptop, or widescreen display, go to the Battlefield 2
shortcut, right-click, and look for the command line. After the normal mumbo
jumbo, put +szx (resolution in X, get rid of parentheses), put +szy (resolution
in Y, get rid of parentheses). While the game won't actually reinforce a custom
resolution per say, it will stretch the in-game setting display to match your
screen size. I did this for awhile but tuned it back since it looked awkward.

<< Why isn't my BFHQ updating? >>

- There are two reasons; you must complete a round to get your score recorded &
give it time. BFHQ only records stats on ranked servers. Make sure you did not
play on a non-ranked server. Secondly, you cannot quit during a round and
expect the score to be added. EA only records stats after a round has ended,
and you reach that goofy scoreboard screen. That brief loading process is
actually EA recording down the stats to the respective accounts. Finally, I
have noticed during busy times (a new patch or update) that BFHQ may take up to
two hours to update. Just check it out the next time you log in.

<< I bought the game. Where's the CD Key? >>

- It is located on the back of the instruction manual inside the BF2 case. You
should see a solid box with the CD key imprinted like a serial code. The reason
why others do not give their CD key to others is that it can cause conflict
issues. If 2 users with the same CD key log on at the same time, only one will
be permitted to play. The other one will get locked out with a CD key in use
message. Be careful when buying this game on eBay for that exact reason.

<< My ping is pretty bad. How do I lower it? >>

- Find a better server. Better yet, filter out filled servers, and then click
on the Ping tab at the top to order them from lowest to highest. Only join
servers that give a sub-100 ping, or sub-175. It also depends on your
connection. Broadband is recommended for this game. I highly suggest making the
best ping servers your favorites.

<< My aiming reticle bounces when I'm zoomed in. How do I fix it? >>

- Quit the server, and rejoin. I'm not sure what causes this bug, but it
appears to be some kind of latency issue. It seems like you move your mouse a
pixel, and your aiming reticle bounces several times. Has only happened a few
times to me in the past, but all turned out well after a rejoin.

<< BF2 starts up and immediately boots back to the desktop. >>

- This means your video card is not sufficient for the game. About 70% of the
time this is the cause. The brief black flash after startup means there's some
incompatibility issue. You most likely have an outdated video card, one not
supported, or possibly outdated drivers. Try updating the drivers. If it
doesn't work, reinstall the game.

<< BF2 boots to the desktop after playing for awhile. >>

- Not sure why this one happens. Only happened to me about 4 times. I would be
playing for 40 minutes, then it would load-lock, and boot to the desktop with
no error message. It's most likely an internal game conflict or something along
those lines. Shouldn't be a permanent problem. This problem has also been known
to be caused from incompatibility issues with new patches. Be weary.

<< How do I view my FPS? >>

- Type renderer.drawfps 1 in the console. It will show some red numbers in the
upper left corner. You can turn it off by pressing the same command but putting
in a 0.

)) Tips ((

<< How do I play Spec-Ops efficiently? >>

- Long-range firing, C4ing armor, and flying are your main keys. Spec-Ops are
designed for all-around combat. Blow bridges at chokeholds you don't think you
can hold. If worst reaches worst, place some C4 on a jeep, and careen the jeep
into an enemy blockade for multiple kills.

<< How do I play Sniper efficiently? >>

- Camping at height-advantage spots overlooking enemy spawns is what you want.
Finding the oddest spot guarantees the highest % of survival. Claymore the rear
access routes so you don't get knifed on from behind. Claymore your front area
if you have a bunch of troops rushing up a hill after you.

<< How do I play Assault efficiently? >>

- Avoid using the G3, and stick with the base rifles. Grenade launch for easy
infantry kills, and when out, fire your base rifle for long-range kills. Smoke
grenade when a tank is in the area for a distraction or escape route.

<< How do I play Support efficiently? >>

- Stay in a mounted position at a key spot. Gun down in the prone position for
kills. Look for Spec-Ops, Anti-Tank, and Assault to resupply. The MGs are
inaccurate, but great the short to medium range for racking up kills.

<< How do I play Engineer efficiently? >>

- Use this class with armor, vehicles, or air-type. Avoid close combat on the
ground. Repair your armor after the engagement with armor is done. That, or
smoke screen, retreat, jump out, repair, and repeat. Mine key roads that are on
the enemy territory, and not linking to yours and anothere base. You can drop
mines in enemy bases on vehicles. They will have no idea that a mine is in the
area. Repair commander assets.

<< How do I play Medic efficiently? >>

- Stick to the frontlines, mass revive, and drop medkits for quick heal points.
Make use of your powerful sub-Assault rifle, and self-heal when there's nothing
else to do.

<< How do I play Anti-Tank efficiently? >>

- Use your pistol when your primary is out of range. Long shoot snipers and
campers with your rocket launcher. Misfire the rocket purposely not on the
target, then hold down the mouse button to guide it towards the target. This
prevents a last minute warning light from flashing. Attack armor from the rear,
the treads, or on the top area.

)) Mods ((

<< Any tips when playing PoE2? >>

- PoE 2 plays a lot like BF2. When sniping, find elevated spots as use the
naturally grassy textures as cover. Blow up bridges that lead to central
engagement points, and make use of the TV missiles in the second seat of the
APC for destroying enemy tanks. The vehicles are a bit more boxy in this game
and less responsive to turns so be appropriate with your actions. You can find
pick-up kits in the brown barracks at your home base, or in spawn-based
buildings. There are 3 pick-up kit types >> Better sniper rifle, AA rocket
launcher, or Better rocket launcher. Each of them has increased damage,
although the better sniper rifle can only be fired when prone. The Hind chopper
has less reponse than the Apache helicopter so adjust your navigation abilities
accordingly. To use artillery, spot the target by using the binoculars and
left-clicking the mouse. Then pull out the SATCOM and click it. You should see
an artillery icon on your minimap. Now, someone must man the artillery gun from
your base, and then get in the 2nd seat and switch to "global" firing mode.
They must manually adjust the aiming on the artillery gun and fire. An overhead
view will show where their round hit. They must readjust the angle and distance
so that it comes close to the marked target. This takes some practice to get
use to. The artillery gun can be fired manually with no mark but it becomes
difficult to judge where the round will hit with no estimated marker.

<< Any tips when playing OPK? >>

- Those helicopters are what you want to rape in. They have the ability to fire
manual missiles, guideless missiles, lock-on missiles, and even air-to-air
missiles. They can also barrel roll without much of a height loss, and can have
co-gunners or multiple people repairing in the back seats. On a side note
though, tanks have their usefulness. Anti-Aircraft vehicles are very useful in
this mod, and hard to take down. Sniping is moderately inaccurate. Avoid being
the Supply class, and stick to any other class. Some maps have great sniping
spots that are hard to pin down. Other maps have great camping spots inside
buildings. The swamp map is best done by staying mobile in a squad, and just
hopping from flag to flag. It is too difficult to defend a certain point with
the tall grass.

<< Any tips when playing USI? >>

- USI is a vehicle game, plain and simple. Trying to snipe on the ground is a
futile approach. You should be only 3 classes in this game - Engineer, Anti-
Tank, or Medic. Any other class is pointless. Make use of the Engineer's
Stinger to take down aircraft. Fire the rocket after their flares have been
dispensed. The RPGs are not guidable, but have a slight droop upon firing.
Anti-Tank also has mines, so make use of their ability to defend. Every map,
get a tank. The only maps you should not go for vehicles on are Basrah Streets
& the Docks. The RPG has a firing problem when you are zoomed in. DO NOT zoom
in with the RPG, just fire it from the zoomed out view in a crouched or prone
position. Stay with a squad of tanks, and have every vehicle repair each other.
Make use of the music vehicles to heal or repair you as well. You just need to
stand next to them. For the most part, use vehicles, and you will win. Play
like infantry on the small infantry maps, and you will win.

<< Any tips when playing PRMM? >>

- Squad play is essential. Join a squad, stick with them, and make sure your
squad has a medic. Snipers are VERY powerful in PRMM, as they are in the
realistic world. Watch out for the US silenced sniper; check your hit
indicators to find his position. You can bleed to death if you are injured
enough in battle. Find a medic immediately, or grab a kit off the ground and
heal yourself. To use ammo boxes, drop one, then stand over. You will gradually
gain ammo at a slow rate. To repair or resupply other vehicles, you TOO must be
in a vehicle (vehicle to vehicle to resupply a vehicle). Anti-Tank is a weak
class in the game, and only has 3 rockets. You are best reserved saving this
class for dire measures (being overrun by armor). Your respawn time is roughly
30 seconds, so avoid dying, and camp areas that are infested with troops. To
get the advantage, sneak behind enemy points where people would not normally
look, and earn kills. Ticket count is very key in this mod. The Spec Ops C4 is
not remote detonatable, but rather a 15-second timer. You will hear beeps to
let you know. The engineer has remote C4, but only one charge. It is powerful
though (enough to blow a bridge). Aside from that, any vehicle in the game has
reduced respawn times. DO NOT wait for them in a spawn as it will take a long
time. Only Spec Ops has a parachute to bail out, so don't try cutting shortcuts
like you did in Vanilla BF2. Just play it how you would in real life. Don't run
in the open.

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