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18-09-2004, 12:26 AM
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سلسلة جديدة من العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam

سلسلة جديدة العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam

Conflict: Vietnam drops the player right in the bloody heart of one of the 20th Century's most brutal conflicts. The player commands a squad of four 101st Infantry* the Screaming Eagles* who find themselves stranded deep in hostile territory following the upheaval of the massive communist Tet offensive.

Outnumbered* cut off and isolated - the odds are against survival. The player must use cunning* squad tactics and firepower to even the odds. Scavenging weapons and learning from experience may tip the odds back in your favor. From deep jungle to blasted cities* from ancient temples to US firebases – the setting may vary* but the danger and action are unrelenting. This time the battle for survival is as intense as the fight for victory.
[IMG][/IMGJungle combat by its nature is very different to that offered by a desert environment. You have to move through the dense claustrophobic jungles cautiously* not certain from where in the jungle canopy the enemy will appear. If this was not enough* numerous traps have been set by a very cunning and ruthless opponent. The tension is only relieved by the intense bouts of combat as you try to survive the formidable onslaughts of the Vietcong guerillas.

But this is a Conflict game and you don’t face these odds alone* you have your squad to take the battle to your enemy and win!

However* rather than the highly trained fighting squads of Delta Force or SAS* your team is rawer* newer to combat. Through your control and direction you can turn them into a formidable fighting force* battling the odds for survival as they fight their way out from deep within enemy lines.

سلسلة جديدة العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam

سلسلة جديدة العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam
Staff Sergeant Frank Wier (Ragman)
Squad Role: Squad Leader* Rifleman
Age: 28
Born: March 29* 1940* Chicago* Illinois
Specialty/Skills: Already on his third tour of Vietnam* Frank is a brilliant combat leader and proficient with all types of Assault Rifle and Sub Machine Gun. He also useful with a pistol.

سلسلة جديدة العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam
Corporal Bruce Lesh (Junior)
Squad Role: Sniper* Grenadier
Age: 23
Born: December 17* 1945* Queens* New York City
Specialty/Skills: Bruce is the team's expert shooter and grenadier. He also has some experience with explosives

سلسلة جديدة العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam
Corporal Will Shafter (Hoss)
Squad Role: Machine Gunner
Age: 24
Born: May 3* 1944* Clay County* Alabama
Specialty/Skills: Will can lay down withering amounts of 'hot lead' to keep the enemy supressed* if he's got his favourite weapon* the awesome M60 'PIG'.

سلسلة جديدة العاب كونفليكت ><Conflict.Vietnam
Private Harold Kahler (Cherry)
Squad Role: Medical Corpsman
Age: 19
Born: July 6* 1949* Kansas City* Missouri
Specialty/Skills: Kahler is an able field medic* but has no real experience of treating wounded when under fire.

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