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كتب + كتب + كتب يونكس

يونكس Understanding Modern Telecommunications & Information Superhighway
As we move from the industrial age to the information age* the digital
convergence of communications* video* computers* film* graphics* text*
and sound on instantaneous* interactive delivery systems will have an
effect on absolutely everything. There is a transformation going on that
is global and unalterable. The change from analog to digital data*
pumped to us at mega speed is going to change the world. We'll have new
businesses* dead businesses* and old businesses* doing new business in
new ways.

Format: tar
Size: 6133760 bytes

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يونكس Internet Security* Professional Reference
If you are using the Internet to conduct professional or personal business*
you want to know your Internet connection is secure. This book
gives you all the information and tools you need to keep the hackers out
and the mission-critical information in. It takes you through planning*
implementing* and administering a secure Internet connection--from understanding
UUCP and auditing to encryption and firewalls to understanding viruses. A
comprehensive resource for security and network professionals alike* this book
will show you how to use and implement the latest technologies in the most secure
fashion* including Java* CGI* and Windows NT.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 6555178 bytes

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يونكس UNIX Unleashed
Unix Unleashed* Third Edition is written with the power user and system
administrator in mind. This book will help the reader understand the
nuances of the major Unix variants including SVR4* HP-UX* Solaris* AIX* BSD*
IRIX* SunOS* and Linux. It will help the reader decide which Unix shell works
best for their particular situation. Other topics such as Kernel Configuration*
Networking* User Administration* and File Management are covered extensively
for the administrator who wants a variety of options to choose from for best
performance. The book also provides in-depth coverage of configuring and
optimizing mail* DNS* HTTP and other services many companies deploy across their
intranet and on the Internet.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 6267792 bytes


يونكس UNIX Unleashed: Internet Edition
UNIX Unleashed* Internet Edition and UNIX Unleashed* System Administrator's
Edition are an in-depth examination of the UNIX operating system. Written by
experts* they include real-world examples* definitions* tips and tricks.
Between them* these two volumes cover the specifics of the most popular
UNIX variants and the use of UNIX as a full-fledged Internet server platform.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 4985311 bytes

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يونكس UNIX Unleashed: System Administrator's Guide
UNIX Unleashed* System Administrator's Edition is an in-depth examination
of the UNIX operating system. Real-world examples* definitions* tips and
tricks allow you to: Get a jump start on UNIX with an overview and a basic
tutorial; Examine the extensive reference on the syntax of UNIX commands;
Discover the differences between the major UNIX shells; Understand the
fundamentals of System Administration; Lay the foundation for a hassle-free
UNIX installation; Master the UNIX file system as both user and
administrator; Administer mail* news* UUCP* and FTP for maximum connectivity.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 1971842 bytes

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يونكس SAM'S: Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours is a tutorial
aimed at making the UNIX and Linux user more effective and productive
users of the operating system. It does this by showing them how to take
control of their systems by harnessing the power of the shell. The
vast majority of users utilize either the Korn shell or some variation
of the Bourne shell. This book will cover both of these. It will begin
with a more generalized tutorial of shell programming and then move
into the specifics of each of the shells. It covers everything from
managing input/output* creating and utilizing variables* to customizing their shell.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 328433 bytes

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يونكس The Bourne Shell: Quick Reference Guide
Bourne Shell* Guick Reference Guide

Format: tar/gz
Size: 27788 bytes

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يونكس The C Shell: Quick Reference Guide
C Shell* Guick Reference Guide

Format: tar/gz
Size: 28652 bytes

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يونكس The Korn Shell: Quick Reference Guide
Korn Shell* Guick Reference Guide

Format: tar/gz
Size: 27042 bytes

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يونكس Implementing AS/400 Security
Changing system security needs and new system enhancements make this a
must have book for every AS/400 shop. Wayne Madden and Carol Woodbury
bring a wealth of expertise to this timely topic* making creating* updating
and implementing vital security measures clear and easily understood.
For nearly six years* AS/400 professionals have depended on earlier editions
of this book to learn and implement essential security concepts. Whether you
are interested in the latest and greatest security features or are starting
from the ground up* Implementing AS/400 Security* Third Edition is the
resource you have been waiting for.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 1818323 bytes

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[img]*_SECOND_EDITION.jpg[/img] Applied Cryptography* 2nd Edition
Een aanrader voor allen die meer te weten willen komen over
diverse encryptiemethodes en hun toepassingen ervan.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 2917574 bytes

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يونكس Apache Server* a survival guide
Een handige gids die je alles kan bijbrengen over het
draaien en het onderhouden van een Apache webserver.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 1928724 bytes

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يونكس Selections from Cryptologia
Een boek die in detail de geschiedenis* de mensen en de
technologie die achter de vele encryptiemechnanismes steekt* bespreekt

Format: tar/gz
Size: 11919072 bytes

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يونكس Learn encryption w/ Basic and C++
Zoals de titel reeds zegt* een toepassing van diverse encryptie-
mechanismes gebracht in voorbeeldprogramma's in Basic en C++

Format: tar/gz
Size: 2753021 bytes

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يونكس Intrusion Detection
The new intrusion detection products "watch" your network full-time*
looking out for suspicious behavior. This how-to book provides clear
steps for hardening your network against attacks and leaks. The author
teaches you how to distinguish what each product can and can't do to
fill your network's particular gaps.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 2237740 bytes

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يونكس Building Internet Firewalls* O'Reilly
Uit de reeks van de bekende O'Reilly handboeken* deze handleiding
om de betere firewall te bouwen om je bedrijf/website te beschermen.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 1833314 bytes

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يونكس Practical UNIX & Internet Security* O'Reilly
Uit de reeks van de bekende O'Reilly handboeken* een alomvattend
werk hoe je beter te werk gaat bij UNIX machines verbonden met het Net

Format: tar/gz
Size: 1871680 bytes

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يونكس Windows NT Server Security Handbook
The only book on the market on security alone* Windows NT Server
Security Handbook teaches administrators not only how to build a
secure NT-based network but also how to add NT to NetWare and UNIX

Format: tar/gz
Size: 891319 bytes

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يونكس Handbook of Information Security Management
Completely revised and updated* the 1998 edition of The Handbook of
Information Security Management continues to report how the best and
the brightest security experts handle some of the most challenging security
problems. The Handbook of Information Security Management provides dozens
of case studies and analyses showing you how to protect your systems and data.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 6076555 bytes

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يونكس A Hacker's Guide to protecting your site and network
Altijd al willen weten hoe een "hacker" tewerk gaat naar een bedrijf toe*
en hoe ze een dienst kunnen bewijzen? Volgens de auteurs doen ze het zo.

Format: tar/gz
Size: 3200706 bytes

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يونكس The Hacker Crackdown
[ no review ]

Format: tar/gz
Size: 273612 bytes

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كتب + كتب + كتب يونكس


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