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11-05-2007, 01:08 AM
ahmedghazi غير متصل
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تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2007
المشاركات: 876
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Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4.5.1 Build 2071

Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4.5.1 Build 2071

Nero announced an enhanced edition of its photo solution - Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4. More than just a photo management application, Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4 is an editing and sharing suite that includes a variety of enhanced features and tools. Users can easily transform photos and video clips into an entertaining movie-like experience.
Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4 is more than a presentation tool, however. It's a complete system for organizing, managing and editing photos and videos. Users can even add musical soundtracks, Animated Clip Art, captions and text, frames, and select from numerous templates to further enhance their PhotoShows.
Tools let you remove red-eye, recompose and crop images and fine-tune color and saturation. Users can even compensate for the quality of aging photos, or inaccurate colors in the originals. Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4 can zoom and rotate video clips, and add special effects to both still images and video.
In addition, a free personalized Nero PhotoShow Circle website lets users post their creations, and provides them with 12 templates to further personalize their presentations. PhotoShows can also be e-mailed directly to friends and family members.
Integrated mastering capabilities let users burn CDs and DVDs that work on PCs or DVD players. Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4 -Now Better Than Ever:
- Easier to use with a new interface & tools
- Get a free website to showcase your memories
- Amazing new transitions, effects and music
- Make PhotoShow DVDs to watch on TV
- Now edit, manage & share video clips
- Much, Much More
Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4 - Features:
* Manage, Enhance and Share your Memories with Ease. Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4 is the ultimate in ease and functionality for photo management, editing, creating and sharing your digital photos:
- Create movie-like PhotoShows with just one click
- Upload to your own FREE website to share your memories with ease
- Locate, manage & organize all your photos & videos
- Touch up or enhance your photos and videos with easy to use tools
- Create PhotoShow DVDs to enjoy in the living room
- Print, archive & much more!
* Organization and Management
- Easily organize and manage your photos and video in one place
- Automatically scan user?s hard drive to locate and import all applicable images and video
- Intuitive hierarchical display of folders, photos and video
- Tagging capability for simplified searches by people, places, comments, and other keywords
- Rename, sort and organize photos by group, album, alphabetical placement, date or contents
- Virtual view support, for more in depth organization and cross referencing
- Support for popular image and video file types

* Photo Editing
- Easily fix and perfect photo quality with one click
- Red eye reduction, clone, touch-up, drawing and paint tools
- Rotate, crop, resize, copy&paste and other editing tools
- 15 adjustable special effects and filters
- Fine tune brightness, saturation and color for photos & video
- Over 75 photo frames to enhance photos
- Export to JPEG, BMP & TIFF formats
- Zoom and rotate video clips
- Five unique video effects including 'Old Film'

* PhotoShow Creation
- Add Photos and Videos to your PhotoShows
- Sixteen one-click authoring templates enable easy creation
- Include video clips to add new motion to your PhotoShows
- Add animated text captions, speech and thought bubbles
- Create stunning credit sequences, and choose from 14 unique styles
- Turn PhotoShows into unique screensavers
- Share PhotoShows featuring up to 400 photos for free
- Add audio - 275 songs included free 96 clip art animations to liven up your show
- Full control over 30 transitions and 8 motion effects

* Publishing, Creation and Sharing
- Free personalized PhotoShow Circle website for sharing
- Create & burn PhotoShow DVDs & watch on TV
- Make high quality prints at home, or order them online
- Order unique photo gifts, PhotoShow DVDs & calendars
- Automatic import of PhotoShows that friends share with you
-Complete website customization & privacy tools
- Enable downloading of photos from your website
- 12 included templates for PhotoShow
- Circle website
- Archive photos, videos and PhotoShows to CD
- E-mail photos as high quality attachments

SlideShow Pro Director

SlideShowPro Director is the easiest way to import, organize, edit and manage your images for SlideShowPro. Simply upload the images you want to display and Director generates all your thumbnails, slide show images, organizes your images into albums, publishes XML, and provides a full suite of Ajax-powered inputs for complete customization of your content.

More Info and Live Demo:

Growling Machines
106 Mb
192-320 kbps

01. Celldweller - We Will Never Die (Growling Machines Remix) 07:49
02. Growling Machines - Work In 06:40
03. Growling Machines - Dream On 07:35
04. The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (Growling Machines And Domestic Remix) 09:06
05. Growling Machines - Surrender 07:33
06. Growling Machines - Remedy 06:41
07. Growling Machines - Growling Machines (Remix) 06:28
08. Beckers - Switch (Growling Machines Remix) 07:35
09. Growling Machines - My House (Pixel And Space Cat Remix) 07:19
10. Growling Machines - Rounders (Astrix Remix) 06:58

Lock My PC is an easy in use and compact
tool for quick computer locking when you
leave it for a time. It shows a lock screen,
disables Windows hot keys and mouse.
You can lock your PC by a hotkey or from
the system tray. To unlock the computer
you must enter correct password only.
The program can log invalid password entry
attempts and has option to keep your PC
locked even if power failure occurs or
someone switch it off and on.

Examples of lock screens.

Features and benefits:

Quick and safe computer lock by hot key, or mouse click
Autolock when computer is idle
Correct Ctrl+Alt+Del lock
Bulletproof startup lock (couldn't be bypassed in safe mode)
Different installation mode - setup for home or corporate use
CD/DVD-ROM doors lock
Multi-user support
Multimonitor support
Auto turnoff when computer is locked for a long time
Blind password option
Stealth mode
Windows XP x64 compatibility
Custom lock screens
Cycling lock screen images
Screen saving effects
Lock screen transparency - you can view movies under the locked screen
Password protected settings, quit and uninstall
Command line options
and many more
Difference from standard Windows XP computer lock feature

A lot of users believe that Lock My PC (as well as any other third party computer lock software) is useless because Windows XP has integrated computer lock feature. ......for more:

Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4.5.1 Build

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جديد النيرو Nero PhotoShow 5 Deluxe + Theme Packs

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Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4.5 الرائد في مجال الصور والتحكم بها ihabvip برامج 7 26-04-2006 11:53 PM
Nero Photoshow Elite 1.0 Build 62 holland برامج 10 24-09-2004 05:42 PM
البرنامج الجديد الرائع Nero PhotoShow Elite Enough برامج 17 02-07-2004 02:33 PM


Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4.5.1 Build 2071


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