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30-01-2011, 02:09 AM
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Aquaveo WMS v8.1.110408-NULL

الغارة رقم 3 Aquaveo.WMS.v8.1.110408-NULL

WMS 8.1

The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) is a comprehensive graphical modeling environment for all phases of watershed hydrology and hydraulics. WMS includes powerful tools to automate modeling processes such as automated basin delineation, geometric parameter calculations, GIS overlay computations (CN, rainfall depth, roughness coefficients, etc.), cross-section extraction from terrain data, and more! WMS supports hydrologic modeling with HEC-1, HEC-HMS, TR-20, TR-55, Rational Method, NFF, MODRAT, OC Rational, HSPF, xpswmm, and EPA-SWMM. Hydraulic models supported include HEC-RAS, xpswmm, EPA-SWMM, SMPDBK, and CE-QUAL-W2. 2D distributed hydrologic models (including channel hydraulics and groundwater interaction) can now be created with GSSHA, developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. All modeling is handled by a GIS-based data processing framework that makes the task of watershed modeling and mapping easier than ever before.
The program’s modular design enables the user to select modules in custom combinations, allowing the user to choose only those hydrologic modeling capabilities that are required. Additional WMS modules can be purchased and added at any time. The software will dynamically link to these subsequent modules at run time—automatically adding additional modeling capability to the software.

Automated Watershed Delineation

Using digital terrain data, WMS can automatically delineate a watershed and sub-basins. As part of the delineation process, basin data such as area, slope, mean elevation, maximum flow distance, and many other commonly-used hydrologic parameters are automatically computed. A new Delineation Wizard has been added to WMS to guide first-time or novice users of the software through the delineation process. However, many advanced features and options are included in WMS:
Use DEMs (elevation grids) or TINs for watershed delineation. You can easily manipulate the elevation data in either type of dataset
Add any number of interior outlet points and let WMS subdivide the watershed automatically
Manipulate stream networks to represent man-made features or proposed changes in the watershed
Override derived basin boundaries to match your knowledge of the watershed

As part of the delineation process, WMS finds all flow paths on the entire terrain model. This allows you to inspect flow patterns anywhere inside of outside your watershed. Further, the longest flow path in each sub-basin is stored for use with the Time of Concentration Calculator. No other system available will match the accuracy and flexibility of the delineation functions in WMS!

GIS Tools

WMS will allow you to take advantage of all types of GIS data available for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. The GIS module of WMS includes a complete set of tools for importing, creating, and manipulating GIS vector and raster data. ArcGIS/ArcView is not a required component of the WMS software though even greater functionality is available if you are using ArcGIS! A few of the powerful tools in WMS include:
Direct linkage with ESRI’s ArcGIS - this lets you use the powerful data catalog tools of ArcGIS in conjunction with WMS
Terrain data can be created, merged, and manipulated using grids, TINs, or contour lines
Data layers such as land use and soil type can be clipped to match your watershed
Attribute tables can be joined and queried
Images (TIFF, JPEG) can be geo-referenced, joined, and clipped
Attributes from data layers can be assigned to your model using GIS overlay operations
A project explorer window allows you to turn every WMS data layer on/off, change display, change coordinate systems, and review contents of each data layer quickly and easily
Coordinate System Conversions - Convert data between Geographic and Cartesian (XY) coordinate systems

Floodplain Modeling and Mapping

Whether you use WMS to run a HEC-RAS model, a SMPDBK (Simplified DamBreak model, or obtained hydraulic analysis results elsewhere, the tools for floodplain delineation and mapping in WMS will create the results you need for your flood study. The powerful interpolation algorithms in WMS allow you to create flood extents and flood depth maps using digital terrain data and water surface elevation data points.

You can use the fast and easy channel hydraulics tools in WMS to create approximate (Zone A) maps. If you need a detailed analysis (Zone AE or AH), you will find the HEC-RAS interface and flood mapping tools are nicely integrated and intuitive in WMS.
The full process of flood modeling and mapping has been integrated into a seamless process in WMS. Perform a simulation with any hydrologic model (HEC-1 or HMS, TR-20, TR-55, Rational Method, MODRAT, NFF) and link the peak flow or complete hydrograph to a HEC-RAS model of the river channel in your watershed. Complete the set up of HEC-RAS with cross-section cutting, area attribute mapping (roughness values assigned by polygons), and automated assignment of thalweg and bank locations and downstream distances. Once a HEC-RAS simulation is completed, you can import the water surface elevations directly from the HEC-RAS project files and use them to determine the flooding extents and depths on the terrain model in WMS.
The input required for a SMPDBK model is a stream centerline, cross sections, and information regarding the storage and failure of the dam being modeled. WMS saves the model data to a properly formatted input file for SMPDBK and then launches the executable. The executable is the same version distributed by the NWS.

Stochastic Modeling

Uncertainty in modeling parameters can be analyzed using the automated stochastic modeling tools in WMS. These tools simplify and automate the process of varying certain parameters (such as CN or roughness) in a model, creating a model input file, and running the simulation over and over again. Some applications of this technology are:

Use HEC-1 with CN randomization to create probabilistic hydrograph results
Use HEC-RAS with roughness randomization to create probabilistic water surface elevation results

Link HEC-1 and HEC-RAS in series with randomization to create probabilistic floodplain maps

2D (Distributed) Hydrology

After many years of research and development, a 2D surface/groundwater hydrologic model is now available in WMS! The GSSHA model, developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, is the perfect solution for studies which require analysis of 2D surface flow and groundwater/surface water interaction. The model uses a 2D finite-difference grid to analyze surface runoff, 1D channel hydraulics, and groundwater interaction in a comprehensive hydrologic cycle model. Water quality and sediment transport processes may also be modeled with GSSHA. The model is capable of single event or long term rainfall simulation. Tools and step-by-step tutorials now available in WMS make radar rainfall data easier to use with your distributed model.

Detailed information about GSSHA can be found here - from the developers at the USACE!

Typical applications of GSSHA are:
Flood forecasting (depth and velocity over entire 2D domain)
Thunderstorm (localized rainfall) flood analysis

Surface ponding and infiltration analysis
Wetland modeling
Land use change impact modeling
Groundwater/surface water interaction modeling

Data Compatibility

Obtaining and formatting digital data is often the most time-consuming task in watershed modeling. The WMS development team has been hard at work ensuring that WMS is compatible with as many file formats as possible. Further, they have dedicated a website to learning about and obtaining GIS data to use with WMS. Please visit the link below to learn about where to download free data, how to use it, and other information.

Some of the more popular data formats supported by WMS are:
USGS DEMs - download and use any format of DEM from the USGS
USGS NED data - seamless elevation data can be downloaded and read into WMS

ArcGIS Raster (ASCII format) - read elevation or attribute data in gridded format from ArcGIS
ESRI Shape files - read all shapes and attributes into WMS
DXF and DWG CAD files - WMS now supports the latest versions of DXF and DWG

TIFF, JPEG images - images along with geo-referencing information can be read by WMS

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WMS Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System v10.1.10

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30-01-2011, 06:25 AM
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30-01-2011, 10:13 AM
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Dear brother semo\
Thank you could you please be informed that the file is not allowed to download

30-01-2011, 10:17 AM
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ألف شكر أرجو أن يتم تحويله إلى روابط تدعم الاستكمال

06-02-2011, 11:45 AM
عبدالله حسن غير متصل
عضو مميز
رقم العضوية: 271600
تاريخ التسجيل: May 2009
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شكرا لمجهودكم ولكن أخي الروابط محذوفة أرجو إعادة رفعها على موقع يدعم الاستكمال


Aquaveo WMS v8.1.110408-NULL


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