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تصميم network

تصميم network
احب اشكر القائمين على الموقع المميز
وانا متابعة من فتره من غير مشاركه

لكن انا عندي سؤال وبصراحه ونظرا لخبرتكم محتاجه تساعدوني فيه مجرد مساعده

والسؤال كـالتالي:

The company you are to study is Gigadata University Network (GUN). It is a web-based portal for faculty and students in data warehousing, business intelligence/decision support, and database that is provided at no cost to the university. This content also can support Introduction to IT courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The GUN currently has nearly 2,000 registered faculty members, from over 1000 universities, in 75 countries, with thousands of student users. A key to the success of GUN is that it is led by academics to ensure the content will meet the needs of today's classrooms. Recent expansion in the Research and Development group means that GUN is about to expand their network infrastructure. The directors have decided to take this opportunity to also move their business onto the web using e-commerce. You have the opportunity to specify that network and have been provided with the following information as a result of detailed research by the GUN’s network manager, Peter Read.

تصميم network

There are currently 51 employees working for GUN. As you can see from the company structure, shown in Figure 1, the Research and Development group is the largest, with 32 staff.
Peter Read has sent you a memo of activities for the various user-types, but will leave you to decide which server types and printers should be used. You will find Peter’s memo at the end of this section.

You have been invited to act as a consultant to the company to assist them in making the appropriate purchases of new equipment and in redesigning the network so as to support the new expansion. GUN has asked for the following:

- A report assessing how the company's Internet access needs might be most appropriately met in the future, especially with the memo request from Peter. GUN understands it is possible to use an Internet cache and they want to know more about how this might work within their setting. GUN is also considering alternative ways of accessing the Internet, but are not sure which method will be most cost effective and offer most future proofing if the product develop further. In the light of recent news reports about Internet viruses, GUN is also concerned to ensure the security of its network.

- A design for the new network plus a simulation of traffic flows on the network.

- A description of how you planned your design, indicating any further aspects GUN should consider to ensure network security and expansion.

In a formal request, the following memo was received from Peter Read, the network manager at GUN.

To: Students on Module 3
From: Peter Read, Network manager
CC: Tutors on Module 3
Date: 20/09/2010
Re: Installation of the new local area network

I have undertaken research of the prospective users of the new local area network installation and now have a much better idea of our needs. Below is a summary of our findings. I look forward to receiving the details of your proposal for our new network along with the results from running a simulation.
Summary of network requirements for Gigadata University Network (GUN).
1 There will be 3 servers; application, file storage and mail. A router to allow connection to the Internet also will be needed.
2 Each department/group has their own printer.
3 The Finance and Administration group, to whom I am attached, are generally light users sending small e-mail messages between themselves and to the rest of the company hourly. They use the Internet about once an 30 minutes with small data transfers. Printing consists mainly of purchase orders and invoices every 5 minutes, but they are small files. They need to access both the application and file servers. Their applications are large, but the data files are small. They rarely have to load applications (on average every 2 hours) but they regularly access data files (every 5 minutes).
4 Sales and Marketing group send small e-mails to each other every 10 minutes, but only every hour to the rest of the company. They only print every 1 hours a medium size document. They are allowed Internet access averaging once an hour with medium data transfers. Their use of application and data files is the same as the Finance group.
5 Customer support and Training are big users of e-mail to everyone in the company every 10 minutes, but the data transfers are small. Currently, they are developing on-line courses and I will have to review Internet access when the courses are completed as a web server will be required. However, do not include this in your current plan. Software trials mean hourly Internet use with large files. They execute large applications on average every hour, and access large data files at the same rate. They access the printer with large documents every 1 hours.
6 The Research and Development department access the Internet every 2 hours with large downloads. Their application and data file usage is similar to customer support. They send lots of small e-mails to everyone, on average every 30 minutes, and although they print only every hour they are large files.
However, as with all organizations, GUN is continually changing. You might like to experiment with ideas associated with ecommerce, adding additional servers for handling enquiries, orders, demonstrations and administration. Of course the traffic via the Internet will become much heavier. Petrer tells me that he is planning for 1000 enquiry hits a day to the router, 200 of which will download demonstration programs which are in 10 Mbyte files!
I think I have provided you with enough information. I look forward to receiving your proposal by the agreed date

ارجو منكم المساعده

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- تصميم network

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wow , is that a school-project or question !

tip : go ahead with your project && if you have any problem in project , describe it here .


انا لست عربي
لذا اعذرني اذا لم افهمك من البداية
شاركنا بتصميم سطح مكتبك

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تصميم network


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