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20-08-2010, 01:02 PM
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Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2010 SP1.2 (2010/MULTI)

Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2010 SP1.2 (2010/MULTI)

CAMWorks - module for creating control programs for CNC machines. CAMWorks allows you to create programs milling, turning, turning, milling and wire EDM.

The following types of machines:
Milling with the simultaneous control of two ? five axles;
* Turning single and duplex, with one or two slides, with a programmable servo-mechanism (tailstocks, lunettes, catcher details ...);
* Turning and Milling single and duplex, with one or two slides, with a programmable servo-mechanism, with simultaneous control of two ? five axles;
* Erosion of the two-and chetyrehosevye.

Treatment is carried out directly in SolidWorks and directly on the model of SolidWorks. The results of the programmer are stored in the same model parts or assemblies SolidWorks. This provides full associativity of
the model and the tool path that leads to the automatic renewal of all the trajectories of the tool during the model changes. When you add in the SolidWorks model of any process data, such as the designation of
roughness, base, tolerances of form and position of surfaces, tolerances on dimensions, engineer-programmer always has immediate access to them, which facilitates the selection scheme based on the machine
parts and selection of required provide a given quality of parts of the tool and cutting conditions. The part can be easily adapted to the needs of processing by, for example, avoiding redundancies in terms of processing
elements of geometry or by applying to the executive size models in the middle of the field for admission. While working with the SolidWorks assembly can perform a joint processing of multiple parts, program
processing a series of items, or just completely simulate all the real situation on the machine table - all of snap-in, logging of any complexity, and so on - for the most complete account the realities of treatment at the
earliest stages creation of the program.

Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2010 SP1.2 (2010/MULTI) -- 926.4 MB

System requirements:
SolidWorks Version 2009-2010 Win32 & Win64, MS Access 2007
Operating System MS Windows XP/Vista/Win7, Server 2003 - 32 & 64bit
Graphics 1024x768 resolution with minimum 32768 colours
Disk Space 10GB free
Memory 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)

Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Win7: full

Title: Geometric Technologies CAMWorks
Version: 2010 SP1.2
Category: Software
Language: Multi.
OS: Windows 32bit & 64bit

Download Link:

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Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2010 SP1.2 (2010/MULTI)


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