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01-04-2010, 08:46 PM
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لتشغيل المالتيميديا بإحترافيه Nero Move It

Nero Move It -- 125 MB

برنامج يدعم كلا من إمتدادات الصوت و الفيديو و الصور و هو يتيح لك التمتع بكل ملفات المالتيميديا على كلا من أجهزة المحمولة و الأجهزة الشخصية .

Nero Move it is an all-in-one solution for iPods, PSPs, handheld devices, digital cameras and cellular phones. It allows you to transcode and synchronize your digital content for use with supported mobile devices. Simply connect your mobile device to your computer and Nero Move It will transfer the multimedia files automatically in the ideal format - even if you'll copy them directly from one device to another.Even if you're an inexperienced user, you have a clear overview of both the sources for your files and of the corresponding data volumes thanks to the software's intuitive interface. You can access all pictures, videos and music files with no problem whatsoever, as well as organize them according to your preferences, e.g. according to artist or date.

Here are some key features of "Nero Move It":

Simply create a collection of your favorite multimedia files with music, videos, and photos to share and enjoy:
· Import your multimedia content from your iPod, PSP, iPhone, digital camera, and other portable devices.
· Manage content from selected folders on your local hard drive. Rip your favorite music and add to your collection for easy access.
· Rip your favorite music and add to your collection for easy access.
· Download content from online communities like My Nero and MySpace.

Quickly organize your files with a sleek and user-friendly interface:
· Manage all your multimedia files with one solution
· Rename, copy, delete, and categorize multimedia files including a rating system for files and content, giving you easy access to your favorites.
· Search for multimedia content through all connected devices and edit information such as song titles, artist names, and album names.
· Preview and play music, videos, and photos all on one screen.
· Synchronize PC and portable multimedia devices and use custom file-management technology to determine file size allocation before you transfer files

Smoothly upload your favorite videos and memorable photos to popular online communities:
· Upload your music, videos, and photos to My Nero and other communities like YouTube and MySpace.
· Share your amazing collection with your friends and family to enjoy seamlessly and globally

Simply the best conversion software in the industry:
· Convert and sync all digital content – like music, videos, and photos – with support for all file types.
· Sync your selected files to any portable device or online community – take it on the go or share online.
· Compatible portable devices are recognized instantly with automatic-syncing once the device is reconnected.
· Special features are available based on supported devices – like copying files from iPod to PC.
· Offline file conversion allows you to prepare and stage the collection and conversion of multimedia content, while your device isn’t plugged in. Then when you’re ready to sync devices, the converted content is quickly transferred.
· Transfer content directly from device to device


Nero Burning ROM 2014 15

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لتشغيل المالتيميديا بإحترافيه Nero Move It


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