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04-10-2009, 02:39 PM
cace_01 غير متصل
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Aquaveo WMS 8.2 Portable

Portable Aquaveo WMS 8.2
Originally Posted By : portable_alchemist -- Date : 04 Oct 2009 07:50:39

The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) is a comprehensive graphical modeling environment for all phases of watershed hydrology and hydraulics. WMS includes powerful tools to automate modeling processes such as automated basin delineation, geometric parameter calculations, GIS overlay computations (CN, rainfall depth, roughness coefficients, etc.), cross-section extraction from terrain data, and more! WMS supports hydrologic modeling with HEC-1, HEC-HMS, TR-20, TR-55, Rational Method, NFF, MODRAT, OC Rational, HSPF, xpswmm, and EPA-SWMM. Hydraulic models supported include HEC-RAS, xpswmm, EPA-SWMM, SMPDBK, and CE-QUAL-W2. 2D distributed hydrologic models (including channel hydraulics and groundwater interaction) can now be created with GSSHA, developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. All modeling is handled by a GIS-based data processing framework that makes the task of watershed modeling and mapping easier than ever before.

The portable app does not require installation. Make as many copies as you need. Carry it in a flash drive and use on any computer, even without administrator access. No change of any setting on the host computer. No more conflicts with other applications. No more 'hijacking' of file types. All dependencies are included.

Download all 3 parts of archive and extract using 7-zip

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WMS Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System v10.1.10

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Aquaveo WMS 8.2 Portable


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