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05-05-2009, 12:16 PM
robert saad غير متصل
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columns shortening in etabs clrification

please can anyone tell me how to take into consideration the column shortening in etabs.thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnks

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09-05-2009, 12:26 PM
eng.obayda غير متصل
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ear Robert

As you know, there are two types of shortening happen in columns: the first one is the elstic shortening result from the direct applying of axial load, and the second one is the elasto-plastic shortening result from many causes such as & not limit to: creep, shrinkage, temperature, humidity, time and sequence of applying the load ... etc.

Unfortunately; Etabs can do only the elastic shortening, and even this not doing in a proper way because of many reasons which the most important is: even if you make the sequential construction load analysis; your model still has the modified stiffness modifiers for both columns & walls namely F12 which will affect the considered analysis gross section ...

Accordingly; I see that we can't do like this important check by Etabs

Just I want to highlight that in tall buildings; a correction for columns shortening should be done for each specified story range.(I main for each number of stories, the columns length should be increased by value that canceled the shortening happens in below columns and you can't do this by Etabs)

Actually there are a lot to talkt about this topic.however you can refer to this link


columns shortening in etabs clrification


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