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21-02-2009, 08:27 PM
طالب حاسب غير متصل
الوسـام الماسـي
رقم العضوية: 64541
تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2007
المشاركات: 3,102
إعجاب: 1,186
تلقى 1,896 إعجاب على 288 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 883 موضوع

أحدث نسخ عارضي الصورACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 113 و ACDSee Pro 2.5 Build 363

أحدث عارضي الصورACDSee Photo Manager
أضع اليوم بين أيديكم أحدث نسخ عارضي الصور الشهيرين
ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 113

ACDSee Pro 2.5 Build 363

وهذه معلومات بالإنجليزية لمجيديها( ولست منهم )عن ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 113
ACDSee - the worlds #1 digital imaging software. ACDSee Photo Manager is a comprehensive application ideal for acquiring, organizing, viewing, enhancing and sharing your images. With the image browser, you can find, organize, and preview images and media files on your computer, and you can efficiently acquire images from digital cameras, scanners, and other devices. A full-featured image viewer and media player quickly generates high-quality displays of your images and media files. You can run slide shows, play embedded audio, and display multiple page images. ACDSee supports over 100 image and multimedia file formats. Also, ACDSee includes a wide variety of image editing tools you can use to create, edit and touch-up your digital images.
Use tools such as red-eye reduction, crop, sharpen, blur, and embos to enhance or correct your images. Image management tools, such as exposure adjustment, convert, resize, rename, and rotate, can be performed on multiple files at the same time. The new user interface is completely customizable, and provides quick access to tools and features. You can customize the screen layout, the order of images, toolbar display, and many other options to suit your preferences. ACDSee Photo Manager is a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use image management system that everyone from novices to professionals can use and enjoy.
If you want to view, organize, find and share images quickly, ACDSee 10 is the perfect solution. Use keywords, categories and your own Windows® filing system to instantly locate the right image. Easily correct or improve those less than perfect photos. Share your favorites by email, on your free online album or as high-quality prints.
- Instant Viewing
With ACDSee, you’ll never wait for another image to open. Get instant access to your photos with the fastest viewer on the market.
See your photos on a virtual calendar, fill your screen with images and quickly browse through your thumbnails. Plus, ACDSee’s Quick View mode is the fastest way to open an e-mail attachment or a file on your desktop. NEW! Mouse over your thumbnails for instant previews.
- Get organized with ACDSee
With ACDSee, organize the way that works best for you. Organize your Windows® file folders, add keywords and ratings, edit your metadata, and create your own categories. Assign images to as many categories as you like without duplicating files.
NEW! Use multi-word keywords like ‘Trip to Mexico’ to make finding images even easier.
Stay organized with smart features that automatically import, rename and categorize your new images when your camera, iPod, camera phone, or other device is connected.
Organize images stored on CDs, DVDs, and external hard drives without copying them to your computer with the time-saving PhotoDisc feature.
NEW! Unzip files and start viewing and organizing archived items right away, without leaving ACDSee.
- Correct and enhance your photos
Correct common problems at the click of a button – eliminate red-eye, erase blemishes and make colors true to life. NEW! With ACDSee’s advanced red-eye tool, get natural-looking results with custom eye colors to replace red areas.
Bring details back into photos that are too light or dark with ACDSee’s patent-pending Shadow/Highlights technology. It instantly corrects poorly exposed photos without affecting areas of the image that don't require adjustments. NEW! Apply effects like blur, saturation and color to selected areas of your photos.
- Share your favorite photos
Send photos to family and friends by e-mail without worrying about resizing or switching to another application.
NEW! Simplify online photo sharing with integrated uploading to sites like Flickr and Smugmug. NEW! Post a photo widget on your website or blog, powered by your free ACDSee Sendpix online album.
Design your own stunning slide shows with transition effects and sound - mix audio tracks and synch songs to slides. NEW! Create PowerPoint presentations from inside ACDSee, including notes, captions and more.
- Make home printing a breeze
With ACDSee’s print layout tools it’s easier than ever to print your photos from home. ACDSee works within your print margins and helps you print multiple 4x6 prints on a single page, fill an entire page for an 8x10, or create custom print sizes.
- Protect your photos
ACDSee helps you keep copies of your images so you don’t lose them if your computer fails. Use the Sync tool to synchronize your image folders with an external hard drive or networked drive. Or, use the Use the Database Backup feature to backup your photos and database information to CD or DVD. You can even schedule backups and reminders.
- View, browse and manage over 100 file types
Get extensive format support for audio, video and images including BMP, GIF, IFF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, RSB, SGI, TGA and TIFF. Take a look at the complete list of supported file formats.
Software requirements:
* Windows® 2000, Windows® XP and Windows Vista™
* Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 5.0.0 (6.0.0 recommended)
* Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 - for Microsoft DirectX file format support, and to create slide shows and screen savers
* QuickTime™ 6.0 - for QuickTime file format support
* Ghostscript® 8.0 - for PDF support
* Windows Media™ Player 9.0
وهذه معلومات بالإنجليزية لمجيديها ( ولست منهم أحدث عارضي الصورACDSee Photo Manager)عن
ACDSee Pro 2.5 Build 363
Experience photography without barriers! Discover ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager, the most powerful software platform for viewing, processing, editing, organizing and publishing your photos. ACDSee Pro is a single platform where professional photographers view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish and archive their growing digital photo collections.
Key features include advanced workflow functionality, support for Digital Negative Specification (DNG) and the latest RAW formats, RAW processing capability, batch IPTC editing, powerful color management functionality and professional publishing options.
ACDSee Pro streamlines your workflow and increases productivity. It empowers you to view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish, and archive your photo collections with precision and control. View your RAW images with lightning-fast image previews and support for most RAW formats from DSLR cameras. Get support for IPTC core fields with XMP. Shift time stamps on multiple images at once. Compare up to four images side by side.
Known as the best workflow manager for today’s photographers, ACDSee Pro has grown to become a valuable tool for quickly processing the ever-expanding variety of RAW formats from digital camera manufacturers, especially for the new generation of DSLRs. With a distinguished pedigree as the Internet’s first and fastest image browser, ACDSee has helped photographers view, edit and share images quickly and easily for more than 14 years.
- Accelerate your workflow
- Discover ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 2.5, the workflow platform that's custom designed for professional photographers. View, manage, edit and publish photos with the ultimate in precision and control.
- ACDSee Pro 2.5 comes with all the state-of-the-art tools demanded by professional photographers. Acquire images, leverage metadata, apply non-destructive and pixel-level image editing, and manage your backups seamlessly. You’ll enjoy perfected shots, organized files and a workflow that's optimized for your needs.
- Organize up front
NEW! With the new Import Photos feature, organize your photos as you acquire them from your camera or other storage device. Save time by setting categories, keywords, EXIF, IPTC and more as you import new images. Simultaneously rename, auto-rotate, delete, set the destination and create backup copies.
- Quickly view and sort your collection
- View, sort, cull and compare your photos in a fully customizable interface with unrivalled speed and ease. Select any thumbnail to see a larger preview, or double-click to fill the screen. Sift through thousands of shots and identify the ones you want to keep using one-click Visual Tagging. Compare up to four images at once in greater detail to select your best shot.
- Browse your existing collection instantly. Unlike other photo applications, with ACDSee Pro 2.5 you don’t need to import files that are already on your system and connected devices.
- Manage your digital assets
- Catalog and retrieve your photos with flexible tools custom built for professional photographers. Organize your photo collection with complete control – access and adjust existing IPTC and EXIF information.
- NEW! Embed your own custom metadata, including categories, keywords and ratings directly into your images' XMP fields. You can even embed data in file formats that don’t include IPTC or EXIF fields, including PNG, PDF and GIF.
- Retrieve photos with spot-on precision. Browse your live folder tree, leverage your EXIF, IPTC and custom metadata, view images by date or event.
- NEW! Save frequently used and complex searches. Find that one photo out of thousands using the fast and powerful Quick Search bar. Filter, group and sort results for an even more customized experience.
- NEW! Experience improved portability of images with ACDSee Pro 2.5’s UNICODE environment. View images with file names or metadata that include characters which are not part of your local system’s language settings.
- Develop your images to the highest standard
- Perfect your images with state-of-the-art non-destructive RAW processing and advanced pixel-level editing. Take control of every aspect - from white balance to sharpness. And with background RAW processing, you can continue your workflow while ACDSee Pro completes your adjustments.
- NEW! Edit with the peace of mind of knowing your originals are never altered or lost.
- Fine-tune dark and light areas independently using sliders, or with a single click on the photo - the patent-pending Shadows/Highlights tool actively analyzes your photo to automatically apply optimal settings. Instantly fix common photo defects such as blemishes, flares, lens scratches and other imperfections with the Photo Repair tool. Save time by globally adjusting hundreds of photos at once with the batch processor.
- NEW! Use selection tools to apply adjustments including blur, saturation and color to defined areas of your photos. Add a finishing touch to your photo with a custom border, drop shadow or edge effect.
- Present, protect and archive your work
- Easily create contact sheets and high-quality prints with optimized print templates. Share selected shots with your clients through e-mail, online galleries and beautifully presented slide show.
- NEW! Auto Slide shows and screensavers are now enhanced with pan and zoom, black and white, and sepia options, plus support for music files.
- Add watermarks to all your photographs in one step to reflect your copyright.
- Archive your collection to .zip folders, CD or DVD, and automatically synchronize multiple folders with your external hard drives.
والآن التحميل لبرنامج

ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 113

ACDSee Pro 2.5 Build 363

ACDSee Photo Manager Final - Full

أحدث عارضي الصورACDSee Photo Manager

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ACDSee Photo Manager 15.2

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الموضوع كاتب الموضوع المنتدى مشاركات آخر مشاركة
مستعرض الصور ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 113 gret برامج 30 06-02-2010 12:28 PM
ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 108 طالب حاسب برامج 22 24-01-2010 02:06 PM
برنامجي عرض الصور ACDSee Pro v2.5.363 Portable وACDSee Photo Manager 2009 build 11.0.113 طالب حاسب برامج 9 08-03-2009 05:48 PM
تعريب ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 85 gret برامج 20 01-02-2009 03:17 AM
وصل عارض الصورACDSee Pro Photo Manager 8.0 Build 67 alparq000 برامج 7 12-01-2006 02:47 AM

21-02-2009, 08:33 PM
Mr.Computer غير متصل
عضوية الشرف
رقم العضوية: 128895
تاريخ التسجيل: May 2008
الإقامة: EGYPT
المشاركات: 1,794
إعجاب: 971
تلقى 1,144 إعجاب على 64 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 3 موضوع
تسلم أخى طالب حاسب ،، وألف شكر على الإصدار الجديد ،،
أرق تحياتى

سبحان الله وبحمده .. سبحان الله العظيم
قوانين وضوابط المشاركة بمنتدى البرامج العام

21-02-2009, 08:36 PM
Usama baZ غير متصل
مشرف منتدى البرامج
رقم العضوية: 64128
تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2007
الإقامة: Riyadh
المشاركات: 5,889
إعجاب: 2,876
تلقى 2,244 إعجاب على 492 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 243 موضوع
بارك الله بك اخي الحبيب
خالص التحية

طول البال يهدم الجبال

21-02-2009, 10:33 PM
Ahmed-Under غير متصل
عضوية الشرف
رقم العضوية: 84905
تاريخ التسجيل: Jun 2007
المشاركات: 19,151
إعجاب: 8,084
تلقى 10,349 إعجاب على 882 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 2473 موضوع
بارك الله فيك وجزاك الخير اخي الكريم طالب

21-02-2009, 11:20 PM
لورنس العرب غير متصل
عضو ماسـي
رقم العضوية: 58653
تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2006
الإقامة: أرض الكنانة
المشاركات: 1,270
إعجاب: 387
تلقى 1,290 إعجاب على 125 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 0 موضوع
جزاكم الله خيرا
شغل تمام
وروابط تمام التمام

تمنى ما شئـت لـكـن اتخـــــذ سـببـاً
أكتب ما شئـت لـكن لا تستفز أحــــداُ
إقـــرأ ما شئـت لكن لا تنسى النقد أبداُ
إنتقـد كما شئـت لكـن لا تطعـن أحـداُ

25-02-2009, 06:27 PM
طالب حاسب غير متصل
الوسـام الماسـي
رقم العضوية: 64541
تاريخ التسجيل: Feb 2007
المشاركات: 3,102
إعجاب: 1,186
تلقى 1,896 إعجاب على 288 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 883 موضوع
أسعدني مروركم الكريم

25-02-2009, 06:41 PM
EgyAboUnos غير متصل
عضو ماسـي
رقم العضوية: 130602
تاريخ التسجيل: Jun 2008
الإقامة: ُEgypt
المشاركات: 1,411
إعجاب: 2,108
تلقى 72 إعجاب على 11 مشاركة
تلقى دعوات الى: 4 موضوع
بارك الله فيك أخى الحبييب طالب حاسب . وجزاك الله خيرا

أو ليس موتى فى حياتى مرة ... لم لا يكون ختامها إستشهاديا

لا تسقني ماء الحياة بذلةٍ....بل فاسقني بالعز كأس الحنظل

أسألكم الدعاء بالتوفيق
وأخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين .


أحدث نسخ عارضي الصورACDSee Photo Manager 2009 11.0 Build 113 و ACDSee Pro 2.5 Build 363


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