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Resident Evil 4 (2007) RIP

The developer: Capcom
The publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Model of distribution: retail
The status: in development, it is planned for 2007
Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
Similar games: Cold Fear
Multiplayer: No

Here also has left long-awaited Resident Evil 4, is more exact Biohazard 4 on RS. There was it not from Ubisoft ` a, and from Electonic Arts, in Taiwan. Well, it is time to share impressions. The schedule: on the big sanction noticeably it is better than the Schedule, than on those screenshots which gave us forums. It is a pity that among graphic options to change the sanction is possible only. Management: it is a little korjavenkoe, but to get used it is possible.

" Resident Evil 4 " the newest game from a legendary series survival horror from company-developer Capcom, also amazes imagination with changes in a gameplay in comparison with the predecessors. This time it completely three-dimensional game with a kind from the third party and an opportunity to change a corner of the review of the chamber. By default the chamber is fixed behind the right shoulder of the protagonist, however you can easily change its arrangement.

Except for that in game the principle of "dot" damage is realized, and the result from hit in various parts of a body of enemies too will be a miscellaneous. Shoot at a leg to the running enemy – and it will fall, shoot to it at a hand – and it will drop the weapon. It will enable you to accept much more than strategic decisions rather than earlier.

As in game the system of using is changed by stock, and now you can bear with yourselves only a stock with the limited weight – for example if the protagonist (Leon) can bear a lot of easy a pomegranate or medicines heavy arms to bear already more difficultly, and only a few "trunks" will go in in stock. During game process it will be necessary for you of money – on them you can improve the weapon or even to buy new from local dealers. Money it is possible to earn selling the found artefacts or to select them from pockets of the killed enemies.

In game there are elements of a quest, and except for continuous ekshena you will solve the certain puzzles. " Resident Evil 4 " as it is filled by very stylish videoclips which are interactive, and the player needs to press the certain buttons (on the screen there will be an inscription of what exactly to press) to choose what to do further.

Sometimes not game character joins Leon, Eshli behind which it is necessary to watch and protect. It automatically follows Leon, but it can to order wait or even to hide somewhere if around full enemies.

Features of a product:

The new gameplay using the "free" chamber and opportunity to shoot at different parts of a body of enemies with different result

Perfectly worked AI enemies which allows them to attack the hero because of a corner to surround it or to wait for a reinforcement to attack together

New system of arms and opportunity to modify "trunks"

Subject line

Six years later after the events described with " Resident Evil 2 ", Óá¬Ò¡-city have been destroyed by a nuclear warhead of the government of the USA to not allow to extend to an infection of the Ô-virus. Former police Leon S.Kennedi still works as the peace officer – now it the special agent of the government and submits personally to the president. Its first task is represented hard business. It should rescue the daughter of the president, Eshli, from unknown sect. Sticking together together slices of the information Leon leaves on small European settlement where, obviously, hold Eshli. Having behind shoulders experience of struggle with ozhivshimi deadmen Leon safely sends for the girl, at all not imagining it will meet what resistance. But who has told that there is no probability, that events of six-years prescription and today's something will be similar..?

Leon S.Kennedi. Former police Leon has lead last six years in confidential training camp, and now he is a special agent of the government of the USA. Its first mission – to find and rescue the daughter of the president.

Eshli Graham. Stolen by mysterious sect Illjuminatov, Eshli – the daughter-teenager of the president of the USA. Eshli is not able to shoot, so Leon should protect and protect it from sectarians.

Luis Sulfur. Leon will come across on Luisa at once on arrival in settlement. Luis it is represented as the usual local resident, but then it appears that it knows about mysterious sect much more, than wishes to show...
Hell Wong. Somehow having avoided death six years ago the Hell appears in the same settlement, than awfully surprises Leon. At it own confidential mission – it should get the sample of DNA of the ancient form of the life found in this district.
Ganados. This once the usual peasant now it is far not last person in cult Illjuminatov. He is the perverted fanatic and all over again it seems that it attacks on Leon without any occasion. However its strange behaviour has the reasons …

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نسخة كاملة (الإصدار الياباني بحسب ظني لأنو اسمها بيوهازرد مع السيريال)

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تم التحميل والتنصيب بنجاح

بس ملاحظة لمن لا يعرف

اللعبة مضغوطة بشكل خيالي عشان كذه حجمها صغير لكن بعد فك الضغط راح تآخذ مساحة 4 جيجا من الهارديسك

بعد فك الضغط ببرنامج وين رار اذهب للمجلد الناتج واضغط على الملف الذي بالصورة وانتظر ريثما ينتهي من فك ضغط الملفات واخراجها

بعد الإنتهاء شغل ملف اللعبة GAME.EXE مع اللعلم ان هذه النسخة اليابانية اسمها BIOHAZARD وفيها شوية مشاكل مثل عرض فيديو كل شوي يطلع وتأخرت كثير لين اشتغلت بالبداية بقيت الشاشة السوداء اكثر من 10 دقائق كذلك التحكم فيه مشكلة



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شو كل هاد يا زعيم اجمل العاب


عضوية الشرف
الف شكر أخواني على التعاون في طرح الموضوع دمتم بخير


عضو جديد

للعلم لجميع الاخوة هذه نسخة كاملة لكن منزوعة الفيديو فقط
تحتاج الى الملف 3DX لـ: DIRECT X و سوف يعاني البعض
من مشكلة فك الضغط و عطب باحد الملفاتالمهمة والحل هو
مع الاسف اعادة الرفع ...... و يوجد ايضا باتش مهم و
صغير لجعل اللعب بالماوس.
ايضا ملاحضة
توجد نسخة ثانية 2CD كاملة و مضغوطة من 4.6 جيجابايت
الى 1.3 جيجابايت و املكها لكن ليس لدي الامكانيات لرفعها
و هي جيدة..

للاسف حاولت رفع باتش الماوس مع المرفقات لكن لم افلح
حول هذا الباتش:
-Added: Chinese (Simplified) UI supported
-Added: Custom keyboard settings supported
-Fixed: A bug in device unacquire
-Fixed: A bug where the mouse cannot hide correctly if game.exe lost focus while loading
-Changed: Loader no longer wait for game.exe to terminate
-Changed: Mouse cliped in client area instead of the center of the screen


الوسـام الماسـي
مشكو اخي ولكن هذا يطلع عند الظغط على الرابط وشكرا عزيزي الزائر انه الموقع الذي تحولت منه الينا يقوم بسرقة ملفاتنا وتحميلها عن طريقنا بدون اي وجه حق لذلك نرجوا منك دخول موقعنا الذي سوف تقوم الصفحة بتحويلك عليه بعد لحظات .. وتحميل عن طريق موقعنا بوابة النوكيا


عضو جديد
ail_dk قال:
مشكو اخي ولكن هذا يطلع عند الظغط على الرابط وشكرا عزيزي الزائر انه الموقع الذي تحولت منه الينا يقوم بسرقة ملفاتنا وتحميلها عن طريقنا بدون اي وجه حق لذلك نرجوا منك دخول موقعنا الذي سوف تقوم الصفحة بتحويلك عليه بعد لحظات .. وتحميل عن طريق موقعنا بوابة النوكيا
علامة استفهام؟
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