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برنامج رائع لإدارة الصور وطباعتة
ومشاهدتها وكل شيء يخص الصور هو الافضل

Firegraphic v10.5.10502

Firegraphic is an all-in-one photo viewer for serious photographers and people at work.

You can easily import, view, organize, edit, print and share your photos. Plug your camera

filled with new photos to your computer and Firegraphic instantly offering ways to import

rename photos. You can also import photos from hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory

cards. All your photos, files, and folders are displayed on screen, just scroll down the

page and you'll see all the files in each folder and subfolder. This makes it easier for

you to organize photos in folders and Favorites.
Quickly preview the imported photos using the photo pop-up preview and folder preview. You

can open two or more photos to view and compare them side by side. Instantly play your

videos with Firegraphic's built-in media player while organizing your video collections.

Firegraphic's adjustment tools can make your photos look even better.

Use the Brightness/Contrast tool to increase the brightness and adjust the contrast level

of the photo. Or fix the color in any photo with the Color Balance tool. Use the batch

function to rename, rotate, resize, convert, and enhance photos in batch. This saves you

time in editing photos one by one. Arrange for best fit and print multiple photos on one

page with the Smart printing feature, this helps you save money on photo paper. You can

select multiple photos to print at various sizes with the pre-designed print templates or

print a contact sheet of your photos as a reference. The print preview will show how the

print out looks likes. Any change to the print preference will reflect in the print

preview instantly.

E-mail photos without worrying about file sizes. Firegraphic gives you an option to shrink

the photos without altering the originals before sending out. Burn photos to CDs and share

with your friends and family, or to safe guarding your memories.

Firegraphic Features:

? Lightening fast. No more waiting for the photo to open. Firegraphic starts up instantly

and displays your photos into thumbnail images in seconds.
? View photos and folders all at once. All your photos and folders are listed on screen,

just scroll through the page and you'll see all the files in each folder and subfolder.

When you organize your photo collections, you can move your photos, even folders, around

by drag and drop.
? Compact mode. The Compact mode makes it more convenient to work with 3rd party image

editor. Align both Firegraphic and the image editor together, then drag the photo directly

to the image editor for editing.
? Play videos. Play your videos with Firegraphic's built-in media player while organizing

your video collections. The built-in media player supports variety of video file formats,

including AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG and WMV.
? Capture video screen. You can capture a screen shot of a video being played. Just click

the video screen capture button and take a snap shot of the video.
? Import and rename photos. Browse and import images directly from cameras and storage

devices. You can define name for the images as you download them from your digital camera

or memory card to your computer. This saves you a step from going back to rename the

* Compact Flash I, Compact Flash II
* Microdrive
* Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo
* Secure Digital, MultiMedia, and SmartMedia cards
* xD-Picture cards

? Organize photos in Favorites. Add your home, work, travel photos to the Favorites

folders and categorize them into different albums for easy access later.
? Compare photos side-by-side. Open two or more photos in Viewers and compare similar

photos side by side to choose your best shots.
? Open multiple Viewers. Open as many Viewers as you like and Firegraphic will arrange

them automatically so you can see all the opened photos at once.
? Fix and enhance photos. Fix your photos with the adjustment tools, including color

balance, brightness/contrast, and see the changes you made in the before and after screen

? Lossless JPEG compression. With the lossless JPEG compression feature, you can edit and

re-save your JPEG images without recompression. Adjust images with the nondestructive

editing tools:
* Crop
* Rotation
* Flip image
* Color balance
* Brightness/contrast
* Hue/Saturation
* Desaturate

? Batch process. Save hours of effort by processing photos in batch. Rename, resize,

rotate, convert to different formats, photo adjustments, and more.
? Print your photos. With just a few clicks, you can turn your photos into wallet sized or

4 x 6 prints, print contact sheets of your photos for future reference, or quickly arrange

photos to print in different sizes on a page with the pre-designed templates. Simply

select the photos you want to print and choose the photo print size, Firegraphic will

automatically arrange maximum number of photos possible on one page, and you'll see how

your printouts look like instantly.
? Print tray. Use the Print Tray to hold and organize the photos to be printed. Drag the

thumbnail images to the Print Tray and move them around into the order you want.
? Share photos via email. Reduce the size of the photos and email them to friends and

family without altering the originals.
? Supported file formats. Firegraphic supports variety of images, video, and audio file

formats, including AVI, BMP, GIF, JPEG, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, RAW, TGA,

? Supported RAW formats. Using Firegraphic, you can import JPEG images from virtually all

digital cameras. Firegraphic also supports the RAW formats from a wide range of digital


Firegraphic 10

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