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تطبيق WiFi Overview 360 Pro v3.50.05 لمعرفة المعلومات الكاملة حول اتصال الواى فاى واختبار السرعة

WiFi Overview 360 and the Pro version is not only a WiFI-Scanner, which shows all WiFis in range, the app is much more.

Main features are

- WiFi Detector - the powerful open network finder (only Pro version)
- "Quick connect shortcut", you can set a shortcut to switch/connect quick and easy between/to WiFis (only Pro version)
- change WiFi priority manually (only Pro version)
- included 1x1, 2x1 and 4x1 widgets with different styles
- WiFi scanner
- WiFi sorting options for "strength", "alphabetically", "channel" and "open/known Wi-Fis"
- automatic WiFi activation at startup - if off, and automatic turn-off at the end
- manual way to add a network
- detailed WiFi information
- graphical representation of all wireless networks in the operating range
- channel checker for the best channel choice
- Tablet support
- WiFi Internet connection check
- and much more ...

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